Crochet Braids Hairstyles For Lovely Curly Look

Bouncy curls are possible with crochet braids!

Natural hair texture of black women is for sure curly. All your life you are stuck together to extremely tight coils. However, relaxed curls are quite different form afro hair. So once you want to enjoy flirty curls, you should definitely go for crochet braids hairstyles. Actually, crochet is a knitting technique. And it is passed to hair, cause the extensions are untied with your natural tresses by means of that very technique. Speaking frankly, with crochet braiding you can add any extensions you like. It can be twists and braids. But the most common for this method are the huge curly hairstyles, that look amazing on gorgeous lack ladies.

To get convinced in my words, follow this post to find out lovely coils for short, long and medium length. Also for various colors. Yes, you can stick to natural black, or go blonde or brown, or any other crazy color you have dreamed of before. All of them are nothing but adorable.

Short curly hairstyles out of crochet braids

black women short curls

short crochet braided curls

bob length curly hairstyles

Short curls are beyond any words. You can hardly find another style that will look so childish, so flirty and sensual at the same time. Above all, short hair is much easier to control than long one. So if you are a fan of short cuts, this bob cut length coils will be your favorite extensions.

Medium length crochet braids hairstyles

mid length curly extensions

medium length crochet braided waves

No matter what hair type and hairstyles we are talking about, we all know that medium length is the best in the sense of functionality and maintenance. So the same refers to crochet braids hairstyles. Their variation of mid length can turn into updos, yet not get you much troubles with care and styling.

Long hair crochet braids for black women

black women long curly hair

gorgeous curly mane

jet black crochet braids extensions

Finally, we get to long fabulous curls. Yes, they do look fancy, and they do require much attention from your side. You need to really take much care. But well, for the real beauty bunnies and fashionistas this is no problem. If you are one of them, then do not linger, go and get you crochet braids and long curls.

Crochet braids twists hairstyles

huge twists

Protective hairstyles like box braids and twists can be styled with various method. So one of them is crochet braiding technique. Above huge twists are a proof of that.


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