Spectacular Long Box Braids Hairstyles 2017

Get the coolest look with long jumbo braids!

I bet nothing can be more impressive than long jumbo braided hairstyles for black women. Well, there are millions of styles adopted by black ladies nowadays. Authentic hair extensions and natural afros go alongside with relaxed hair styled into bobs and exquisite updos. However, thee is something enigmatic about box braided long hair. Perhaps, this is due to very ethnic sensation such plaits imply. Perhaps, the just look awesome. In any case, coming year will sport the trends with hair extensions. So we need to know spectacular long box braids hairstyles 2017 already now. Before we move on to see the pictures that will inspire you, I need to warn you about certain things. Box braids may seem to be easy to take care of. However, in reality you do need to know the hair care procedures. Only regular washing and accurate drying will allow you wear you jumbo braids for long time and with perfect quality looks.

Long box braided extensions for black women

beads and braids

impressive long hair for black women

box braids ponytails

You must know that the number one important thing is the right choice f hair type. Indeed, depending on what result you want to have, you are free to choose between sulky Marley extensions and shiny natural hair. Maybe you like yarns. The effect they create is quite cool. So any of them will be nice, if you maintain them nicely.

Long jumbo braids with highlights

jumbo plaits with highlights

colorful box braids

If you have ever considered long braids boring, you were damn wrong. Long box braids hairstyles 2017 arm you with all possible armors to look different each day. First of all, you can try highlights. And why not, change them from time to time. Thus without damaging your hair you will reach complete makeover each time.

French braided jumbo braids

Here is an example of how cool can be ethnic braids combined with European plaiting techniques such as fishtail and French braids. This combination is astounding!

Solange iconic long box braids
Solange iconic long box braids

Street style long box braids hairstyles 2017

black women long box braids 2017

small micro jumbo braids

cool street style looks with long braids

Finally, some inspiration from streets. I love the looks we happen to see in the streets of cities we live in. Long box braids are no exclusion. Women on above pictures are very stylish and ot is worthy to consider their image details and maybe adopt several things.


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