The Best Fit Bob Haircuts For Round Face

The best match for round face shape found!

Women with rounded face shape will say that it is impossible for them to find the most appropriate hair look that will underline the best feature and hide the fullness of cheeks instead. Well,  I am here to introduce to your consideration bob haircuts for round face. Actually, the very trendy bob cuts are not all meant for you. The full length bob will not do. If you face is round, you should always consider the A-line hairstyles. Pixie cuts and bob styles with multiple layers will do the job. The key idea is having layers that distract attention. Then you also may pay attention to bangs. Forget about full blunt cut ones, instead go for side swept long fringes. Such style will visually elongate your face. Finally, leave behind the middle parted hairstyles. Yes, for round face best of all is to go for side swepts.

So after my short overview, here we go to see the pictures of the most amazing round face short hairstyles.

Blonde bob cuts for rounded face shape

blonde bob

celebrity blonde bobs for round faces

Women with full faces are usually afraid of blonde hair color. Why? Because fair tones make you look fatter. This rule is true for outfits perhaps but not for hair. The secret is behind the layers. Tell your hair stylist that you need the fantastic and masterfully cut layers that will elongate your face. And even blonde will be possible in this case. Drew Barrymore and Uma Thurman are a good example.

Brunette bob haircuts for round face

stylish short bob

brunette bob with side bangs

Dark shades for hair are the most commonly adopted by owners of round faces. The pictures above prove once again that your bob haircuts for round face should meet a couple or rules - long side bags, side parting and layers.

Celebrity bob cuts and round faces

Lucy Hale

The beach wavy bob hairstyles of Pretty Little Liars star Lucy is really adorable. Actually I wold never think that such round face will look awesome with almost one dimensional bob. Moreover it is center parted. But you see it yourself and it is amazing.

Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria

side part celebrity bob hairstyles

round face bob haircuts

Eventually, let's have a look at a couple of edgy designs. One is the short bob, that can remind of a long pixie cut in reality. And the other is violet ombre shoulder length bob. As you can see they look pretty nice with round faces.


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