New Sharp Blunt Bob Hairstyles 2017

We are talking about layers, about making thin hair look thick and vice versa. But we never stop for a moment to realize that current trends want and force us to look the way we are. It gives us a lot of space for creating the looks with the texture we wear since we were born. One of such look is provided by blunt bob hairstyles 2017. I mention it as a trend for the coming year, cause it will definitely be there. Off centered and side swept the very straight and bluntly cut short hairstyles are a good way to show how stylish you are, at the same time not failing your inborn texture.

Above all, it is bob! The most popular and triumphant haircut of our times. It wins hearts of millions of women all around, There are even men's bob haircuts already. So definitely this is a style you need to go for at least once. And I am sure once you get it, you will love it for long, if not forever.

Straight blunt cut short hair

straightly cut shirt hair

off centered straight bob

blunt bob ideas

short black straight bob

When we talk about blunt cuts I don;t necessarily mean straight styled ones. However, on sleek hair the look will be the most impressive, very sharp and neat. At first sight you will say, that your thin tresses need more layers to create the illusion of vast mane. But look at some of the above pictures. Thin hair and blunt short cuts are meant for you.

Celebrity blunt bob hairstyles 2017

Gwyneth Paltrow bobs

Karlie Kloss blunt bob

Lilly Collins blunt side swept bob cuts

Celebrities! Our source of fresh ideas and inspiration! Here are some nice ideas on blunt bob hairstyles 2017, that celebs have already adopted. As you see, they look really impressive. By the way if you want to make hair look thicker, go for a shorter bob. Once your chin length bob grows out slightly until shoulders, it will underline the thin hair type more. So a winning look is the shorter variant.

Wavy styled blunt cut bob hair

wavy bob cuts

Actually, you may style your newly cut bob the way you want, and waves are not prohibited. On the contrary, they create unique look where naughtiness is combined with strictness of blunt cut lines.


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