Amazing Short Box Braids Hairstyles 2017

It is simply astounding how the short length hairstyles have won this much popularity that even protective hairstyles are now trendy to be worn short. Exactly I mean short box braids hairstyles 2017. These are actually the bob cuts. The very fashionable and mainstream chin length hairstyles of our times, that do not stop getting more audience with each single day. For black women there are several options to achiever short cut. First one is going for a weave or wig. It is quite widespread to wear wigs out of natural hair. Another option is relaxed hair. Will, this may work for some time, but you can boast relaxed hair for long period of time. Besides natural hair requires too much attention. Finally, here come short braids. With protective hairstyles of short to medium length you can get the fabulous and trendy look.

Below you will see some pictures with short braids and twists and understand that bob is perfect in all its embodiments.

Black women bob hairstyles out of box braids

cool short box braids

beads and short braids

trendy short bob cuts

black women short braids

Box braids are among the most popular and commonly used extensions for black women. Of course, they are not so easy to create as twists for example. Yet, they are very impressive. And once created, they will last long and nice, if you take proper care of them. This means using oil on roots and washing twice a week. As for short bob cuts out braids, they are cool. Especially if you update them with beads, they will look both stylish and authentic.

Long bob hairstyles from box braids

lob hairstyles for black women

overgrown bob from braids

When talking about short box braids hairstyles 2017 we can't miss out the lob hairstyles, that are extremely popular nowadays that half of us are wearing overgrown bobs.

Short box braids hairstyles 2017

brown short braids

straw brown bob out of braids

Mind that you can always put accent on color. Get rid of the traditional black and go for caramel brown instead. It will fit the mocca skin tone a lot.

Cute updos for short braids

double bun

half up half down bob

Who said that short braids can't convert into updo hairstyles? Bob is very special length, that allows half buns, half up half down knot, even low buns are possible.


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