Fishbone Braid Hairstyles Ideas To Try

Choose one of the most intricate braids hairstyles today!

Where do the fishbone braid hairstyles come from? What do they look like? These are the first question we come across when we hear fishbone name. Well, many will say that they are the old good fishtail braids, just called differently. In reality it is not that simple. Fishbone is traditionally African-American hairstyle. For black women the designs include very tight cornrows on sides that come and join to one huge braid in the center. Actually this will definitely look like a bone of a fish. With the course of time the style became very popular and spread among white women as well. Nowadays we consider two option of these trendy braids hairstyles. One is the most modern variation mostly adapted to white hair texture. Yet it is not the very simple fishtail in any case. The other one is the classiest version really reminding of bones.

Below we will have a look at both versions. And you will decide which style to rock today.

Cute fishtail braids designs

fishtail ideas

fishbone for long blonde hair

fishbone for long brunette hair

classy fishtails

People are very creative indeed. On the base of a simple plaiting technique there are so many new amazing styles created! The most plain of them are perhaps the traditional fishbones. You just take all your hair and plait into one huge braid with fishtail technique. And you trendy look is ready. To go a bit more inventive, try mixing two techniques together. For example, start with a Dutch braid and end up with a fishtail.

Mermaid into fishbone braid hairstyles

mermaid braids

beachy messy braids

After "The Game of Thrones" series release every one got mad about the braids they saw there. Luckily, not everybody ran to style them. Instead, women created very cute designs with mermaid braids fusing with fishtails inside.

Traditional black fishbone braids

black fishbone hair

African-American fishbone hairstyles

Eventually, here is where the story started. Fishbone braid hairstyles on black women. As you can see there is not just one braid in the center. Instead of it, there are two or more braids that are supported with smaller cornrows surrounding the mother braid from all sides. This is the very traditional technique. And it is not only classy, but also looks trendy in our this epoch of contradicting trends.

These were some ideas on fishbone braid hairstyles, that you can easily adopt yourself.


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