Pigtail Braids Hairstyles Triumphal Popularity

Pigtail braids prove it is their time now.

If you always considered pigtail braids hairstyles to be Pippi Longstocking priority, you were wrong. Fashion weeks, runways and hairstylists have taken two tails to new heights. For sure, now we face not the very childish designs. The new trendy looks are more refined and more mature, ideal for an adult lady. Last season the world wide famous designers like Karl Lagerfield and fashion house Valentino introduced braided pigtails in their collections. After that they turned onto a mass trend. Braided hairstyles ending in cute pigtails are being updated all the time. We see them styled on mid parts and side swepts, on long and shorter hair. People implement French and Dutch braiding techniques and fishtails and simple twists. From celebrities to casual boho girls, pigtail braids have won attention and adoration all around the world, from Tokyo to New York.

Runway braided pigtails

Valentino pigtails with braids

Here is where the major tendency started. Runways flooded with models with long hair plaited into two tails. They do look nice, and the black silk strand makes them look somewhat haute couture.

Romantic double braids

relaxed pigtails

fishtail braids

Fishtails are the styles that have gained much popularity recently. They fir any hairstyle be it a high slicked pony, or relaxed downdo. Consequently, they also look incredibly cute on pigtail braids hairstyles. All you need to do is to take care that they are not very tight. I say it, because romantic looks always require a bit relaxed styles with hair left out as if tousled by the breeze.

Everyday pigtail braids hairstyles

cute French braided pigtails
cute French braided pigtails

stylish violet braids into pigtails

French braids and pigtails

While fishtails will demand more time from you on styling, French braided pigtails are way too easier. Probably, this can be the reason why we see them everywhere - on housewives and on women in the offices, on red carpet and in streets.

Celebrity pigtails

celebrity double braids

Top artists also love looking girlish and cute. The above pictures prove that pigtails really rock and celebrities are quite fond of them.

Boho-chic double braids and pigtails

boho pigtails braids

boho double braids hairstyles

The boho-chic looks are those relaxed styles that we all love but not all of us can achieve them. With braided boho hairstyles it is easier. Just make tousled braids and plait into them cloth strands or simple wear a headband over the pigtails.

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