2017 Summer Braids To Learn Now

Summer is coming, ladies! This is the good news. The good news is also that we all need to refresh our wardrobe, to get some bright accessories and also to learn some unique hair styling techniques. Summer is the hottest period, and having in your arm kit some sweat-proof hairstyles will be great certainly. The main trends for summer hairstyles are versatile. However, today we will focus our attention on braids. Actually, owners of long hair will understand how great it is to have the skills for various plaiting techniques. A simple ponytails can become boring soon enough, but braids will never become dull and routine. Below you will find some gorgeous ideas on summer 2017 braids hairstyles, that will for sure help you shape unforgettable image on every single day of summer.

#1 rope braids

rope braids hairstyles 2017 summer
Cara Delevingne

If you are looking for a beach style, here it is. Rope braids are very durable and getting out of water you will exactly like before getting into it.

#2 halo braids

half up halo braids hairstyles 2017 summer
half up half down braids

Pull all your hair into a crown braid, or juts half of it. The trends for half updos are quite viral now. Reveal half of your hair and make a milkbraid with the rest.

#3 knotted style

knotted braids hairstyles 2017 summer

There are several designs that are considered to be braids, but actually are not. For example, the knotted braids. Quite a nice alternative.

#4 twisted French braid

twisted french braids hairstyles 2017 summer
French twist

Another style in the rows of braids that is in reality a twist. A classy version of French style is represented with twisted hair.

#5 side fishtail

side fishtail braids hairstyles 2017 summer
Nicole Scherzinger

Actually, this summer 2017 braids hairstyles are all about small tiny braids. Maybe because Valentino collection was introduced by models with ling hair and small hippie braids? Well, you never know how the trends spread. Small side fishtail is a nice choice.

#6 summer 2017 braids hairstyles

side braids hairstyles 2017 summer
side braid

Long haired ladies will appreciate this long thick mane and a huge side braid. Indeed, a romantic summer look.

#7 faux hawk

faux hawk braids hairstyles 2017 summer
false braided Mohawk

If you have some proficient skills in hair styling and plaiting, then go for faux hawks. This style looks rebel, but can become elegant too. This is the look for any occasion.

#8 mini braids

mini braids hairstyles 2017 summer
tiny braided strands

Another example of the new tendency is small braided strands.

#9 cornrows

cornrow braids hairstyles 2017 summer
twisted cornrows

When talking about various looks with plaits, we can;t miss out cornrows. However, they can be classy three-strand ones, and also twists.

#10 Dutch braids

dutch braids hairstyles 2017 summer
reverse French braid

Finally, when you get tired of French technique go for the Dutch one, The reverse plaiting method results in charming hairstyles.


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