Bob Hairstyles To Be On-Trend In 2018

Will the bob hairstyles still be the conquering during the forthcoming seasons? There are some factors that may make you doubt that. For example, the rising popularity of short blonde pixie haircuts like that of Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry. Or another example is the shaved hairstyles that celebrities seem to go for one after the other. Well, the truth is that short pixie are nice and good, there are even quite many ways you can style them with the help of pins, tiaras and headbands. However, nothing can be compared with the best hair length ever! The length hat allows you to make a statement and say that you are smart enough not to spend hours on long hair styling, but at the same time keeps you feminine and give updo and downdo styling options. Bob hairstyles 2018 will certainly stay popular and still surprise us with newer opportunities. For now we see that super models go for chin length hair and we can easily assume that the mainstream bob haircut trends is not going anywhere soon.

Models bob hairstyles 2018

Kendall Jenner bob haircuts 2018
Kendall Jenner

Bella Hadid short haircuts 2018
Bella Hadid

Cara Delevingne mid part bob hairstyles for 2018
Cara Delevingne

Karlie Kloss short blonde bob hairstyles 2018
Karlie Kloss

We now well enough that Cara has shaved her head a couple of moths ago. Since then her hairstylist seems to be trying to prove that extra short hair can look different each time. And she marvelously proves it with firework hair piece, fake bangs and silver glitter tattooed geometrical figures on Cara's head. However, look at Kendall and Bella, both used to have long hair. Obviously, now they went much shorter. Bella Hadid's bob haircut is quite simple and messy, that makes it look careless and modern. As for Karlie Kloss, the model rocks an elegant blonde bob. So looking here, I don't really see why bob hairstyles  2018 can be swept away from main trends.

Celebrity bob haircuts for future trends

Sarah Jessica Parker bob haircuts 2018
Sarah Jessica Parker

Penelope Cruz bob haircuts 2018
Penelope Cruz

Just a coiple of days ago the style icon of Sex & The City was spotted with this short wavy blonde bob haircut. That makes me think that chin length hairstyles are still conquering hearts. Even the most famous brunette known for her gorgeous mane went for a long bob haircut.

Various nice bob hair ideas for the coming seasons

Olivia Culpo bob hairstyles 2018
Olivia Culpo

Emilia Clarke bob hairstyles 2018
Emilia Clarke

Jennifer Lawrence bob haircuts for 2018
Jennifer Lawrence

Selena Gomez wavy long bob cuts for 2018
Selena Gomez

Finally, here you see variations of bob you can try. It can long bob, generally known as lob hairstyle. Wavy or straight it gives enough length for any hair experiments. Also mind that you ca drastically change your image by just sweeping hair to other side.


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