Celebrity Inspiration: Fresh Ideas on Best Hairstyles 2018

Just a few days are left before we will say good bye to this year and meet the coming one, Great expectations, dreams and aims are directly related to the new year coming. Nowadays we are all thinking of starting a new page, from leaving behind all the bad and look ahead full of hope for incredible success. A lot depends on your for sure, but there is one thing we can advice: ideas for brand new best hairstyles 2018. This will be the beginning of something greater. So take your time to take a look at this brief gallery inspired by the best and most recent celebrity hairstyles and looks and choose you new style that will become the starting point in your new achievements.

Pixie haircuts trend

Michelle Williams pixie haircuts 2018
Michelle Williams

Ursula Corbero pixie haircuts 2018
Ursula Corbero

There is something special in a woman with short hair. Indeed going pixie means being daring and brave, cause even now many will associate a woman with long hair only.

Timeless bob hairstyles for 2018

Emily Ratajkowsky bob hairstyles 2018
Emily Ratajkowsky

Selena Gomez bob hairstyles 2018
Selena Gomez

Time flies, but bob hairstyles stay. No matter what happens in the fashion world, hair stylists will find a new version of bob that will hit all the charts.

Middle part hairstyles tendency

Olivia Palermo mid part hairstyles 2018
Olivia Palermo

Blanca Suarez middle part hairstyles 2018
Blanca Suarez

Somehow mid part hairstyles seem to keep on being trendy. Our best guess is that center parting looks far more casual then side parting, that explains its popularity. For youthful looks, this is what you need among best hairstyles 2018.

Side flip bob - best hairstyles 2018

Anine Bing side flip hairstyles 2018
Anine Bing

If you are among the ones who prefer side parting, here is the look you can adopt for the new year - side flip. So it is just pushing hair to one side without special styling.

Ultra trendy lob hairstyles

Alexa Chung bob hairstyles 2018
Alexa Chung

Karlie Kloss lob hairstyles 2018
Karlie Kloss

Your bob has grown out and you are not sure what to do? Do nothing! Cause here come extraordinary lob hairstyles - the hit styles of the past and future seasons.

Whispy bangs hairstyles

Romee Strijd hairstyles with bangs 2018
Romee Strijd

Alessandra Ambrosio bangs hairstyles 2018
Alessandra Ambrosio

Bangs hairstyles are in here again! Love them or hate them, but you should definitely try to have them in 2018. But not a blunt thick bangs, instead go for trendy curtain fringes.

Cute updo ideas

Chloe Moritz messy updo hairstyles 2018
Chloe Moritz

Let's not leave out the updo hairstyles. However, let's not include intricate styles as well. Relaxed buns and knots are right to the point.

Extra long hairstyles from celebrities

Taylor Hill extra long hairstyles 2018
Taylor Hill

Sara Carbonero model long hairstyles 2018
Sara Carbonero

Meanhwile the majority rishes to get bobs and pixies, some stay sober and true to their beloved styles. I am talking about model long hairstyles.

Hair color 2018 - root beer

Bella Hadid root beer hair colors 2018
Bella Hadid

Kaia Gerber root beer hair colors 2018
Kaia Gerber

Finally, when talking about trends, we need to turn to hair colors 2018 as well. Here you see the major coming trend  - root beer hair color.

Photos: courtesy of lavanguardia.com


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