Celebrity Inspiration: Medium Blonde Hairstyles

What if you combine two things that are extremely trendy and also very handy? I know the answer - you will fantastic look with medium blonde hairstyles. Apparently, mid length hair is very popular. Why? Cause it is functional. It has always been and always will be. With such length you can do anything. Realize your dreams about very complicated updo hairstyles, yet boast the length that is easy to maintain, unlike long tresses. And now get to combine it with the notorious blonde hair color. I can't really say id there was any time when blonde was out of fashion. Actually, it has always been on stage. In some years more, in others less. Well this year it is definitely very widely spread in all variations from platinum blonde to straw sunkissed tones.

As you can guess this is definitely a winning combination. Below celebrity hairstyles inspiration will help you get convinced and consider one of the looks for your next visit to the hairstylist.

Straight blonde hairstyles of medium length

straight shoulder length hair

celebrity mid length haircuts

Rachel McAdams blonde hair

From all the pictures that you will see here, we can make one conclusion. The medium blonde hairstyles ae so gorgeous that they do not need some special styling. Really, look above, if you have natural straight hair, then wear it straight. With the broken inborn waves, it will look awesome.

Wavy medium blonde hairstyles

Ashley Olsen mid length hair

Julianne Hough

medium blonde cuts

There can be no doubt that a lot of time has been spent by stylists to get those natural waves we see on the celebs. However, you can stand in front of the mirror now and see that you almost have that style without efforts. It is just your natural texture, with slight waves and curls. Just make sure to take care of the tresses. Blonde should be shining and glossy. Not dull.

Celebrity mid length blonde hair

Cameron Diaz shoulder length haircut

Margot Robbie mid length blonde hair

As far as we can see, mid length hairstyles in combination with blonde hair colors are very common among celebs. So I can presume that they are very easy going and maintaining styles, that any of us can obtain. What is more important, they look simply gorgeous.


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