Celebrity Inspired Hair Trends 2017 Cannes Film Festival

One of the most, or let's put it simple, the most elegant event of the year took place last week In Cannes. The annual Film Festival is not only the place to introduce mindful movies, but also the most vivid red carpet of all. Here we see artists, models, famous people who come to criticize and appraise pieces of modern filmography. However, it has turned into a real vanity fair each of the guests trying to get the best possible look. The truth is that we all love it and closely follow the celebrity looks, and get inspired. Each year the festival red carpet, the aftershows and the accompanying events reveal to us the most major trends in fashion, make-up and also hair styling. So celebrity inspired hair trends 2017 Cannes Film Festival introduced will inject you with a doze of elegance and high fashion looks. Just follow the article to get your doze of inspiration right now.

Celebrity slicked hairstyles at Cannes 2017 red carpet

Irina Shayk slicked hairstyles 2017 Cannes
Irina Shayk

Doutzen Kroes slicked back hairstyles 2017 Cannes
Doutzen Kroes

Adriana Lima slicked back hairstyles 2017 Cannes
Adriana Lima

Summer is in here and wet hairstyles seem to simultaneously enter back the fashion world. Indeed, when it is hot outside, but you still want to show off you main, you can easily pull it back to recreate one of the above looks. When such widely known top models wear such hair solutions, be sure they will definitely be among top trends.

High knots and ponytails

high ponytail hairstyles 2017 Cannes
updo hairstyles

Hair trends 2017 Cannes events show us are full of updos. Actually, the majority of them are high, tight and slick, like sumo knots. For perfect face shape and to get rid of hair in hit weather, this is a good solution.

Smooth wavy hair

wavy hairstyles 2017 Cannes
beach wavy hairstyles

Although we all know that Cannes elegant hairstyles are the signature looks, casual beach waves seem to be quite to the point.

Cute braids hair from Cannes

Nicole Kidman side braids hairstyles 2017 Cannes
Nicole Kidman

Elle Fanning cute braids hairstyles 2017 Cannes
Elle Fanning

Meanwhile some see elegance in strict geometric updos, the others simply create romantic side braids. That's awesome and cute!

Mid part hair trends 2017 Cannes

Kendall Jenner mid part hairstyles 2017 Cannes
Kendall Jenner

middle part hairstyles 2017 Cannes
celebrity center parts

Over and over again we come to convince that mid part hairstyles conquer the current seasons.

Celebrity bob hairstyles

Bella Hadid

Hailey Baldwin bob hairstyles 2017 Cannes
Hailey Baldwin

With the crazy popularity of bob hairstyles it would be strange not to see them in Cannes too. These are only a couple of examples, of course. The wavy bob and the contradicting perfectly straight one - so you can choose which one you like more.

Photos: courtesy of harpersbazaar.com


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