Hottest Rose Gold & Pink Hair Color Trends 2017

Pink hair is cool, it is fun and maybe..punk? Well, this is true of you come to think of pink as of one solid and extra bright color. I reality, pink can be soft and pale. This is exactly what we are going to discuss today. There is a magnificent way to brighten up you blonde color that has gone a bit dull already, or make your soft brown more youthful. It is all possible through pink hair color trends 2017. This is not going to be about some leopard print with pink, or neon color. It is soft, warm, embracing strawberry and rose gold hair shade.

Many hairstylists will now go for this tone and say that it is perfect to underline the skin tone. By the way, if you have fair skin than some warm shade or rose gold will simply make you look unforgettable. Meanwhile those with darker, skin can go for metallic pink finding the best contrast.Above all, these smooth and soft shades of pink look quite sophisticated. They are rather good to be called formal and worn to work and to official event too. Below you will find some celebrity hair inspiration with rose gold hair colors that I am sure you will love.

Celebrity rose gold hair colors

Sienna Miller rose gold hair colors for 2017
Sienna Miller

Blake Lively pink hair color trends 2017
Blake Lively

The hairstylist of Blake is one of the most devoted fans of rose gold hair. Rona O'Connor explains that pastel and soft pink shades can bring much light and warm to your image with blonde hair and pale skin. And she is quite right.

Kate Hudson pale pink hair color trends 2017
Kate Hudson

Actually, there are some special types or pink that can be called wearable. For example, this smooth transitional pink of Kate is one of them. You can wear it to work every day, and you can become the center of a party with such hair.

Pastel pink hair color ideas

Poppy Delevingne pink hair color trends 2017
Poppy Delevingne

Pink pink hair color trends 2017

Hailey Baldwin pink hair color trends 2017
Hailey Baldwin

Celebrities change look quite often. To always look trendy that is an important part to follow the latest tendencies and always keep u with the rhythm. Hailey Baldwin has started new year with new color. And it is pink. Don't forget about Gigi Hadid blorange hair color, that is also a mixture of pink, blonde and orange. Obviously, pink hair color trends 2017 will rule the show.

Bob haircuts and pink hair color trends 2017

Julianne Hough pink hair color trends 2017
Julianne Hough

January Jones pink hair color trends 2017
January Jones

Rita Ora pink hair color trends 2017
Rita Ora

Finally, you can benefit from the jazziest combination or the current trends - bob haircut and pink hair color. Daring? It is worthy!


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