Saucy Center Part Bob Hairstyles

Going through all the most trendy looks for this and next season we come to bob cuts. It is inevitable cause the short styles are now on the peak of popularity. Actually, bobs never go out of fashion. They just change slightly from season to season. So now it is center part bob hairstyles that are and will be mainstream the coming spring and summer seasons. What you need to know about bob is that it is awesome. Yes, long hair lovers may interfere now claiming that it gives no styling opportunities. But in reality bob haircuts can be managed din many ways. Straight and wavy and even curly, from chin length to shoulder length, there are always highlights and colors, and also braids and updos. Obviously, you can rock your short bob in any possible way. So go and get the trendy mid part look now! Celebrity styles gallery below will be of great help for you.

Slightly wavy mid parted short cuts

blonde wavy center pat bob hairstyles
blonde bob cuts

Jourdan Dunn center pat bob hairstyles
Jourdan Dunn bob haircut

This is the look. Perhaps, it is the most demanded now. Just take curling iron and make a couple of loose coils and of course do not forget to make the parting through center. By the way, mid part hairstyles underline you face shape So if you are not sure of having ideal symmetry, that is very rare by the way, then make sure to go slightly off centered. just an inch.

Blunt cut center part bob hairstyles

dark wavy center pat bob hairstyles
dark hair and center parting

straight center pat bob hairstyles
celebrity off centered bob

Eva Longoria

There was time when ladies with thin hair tried to add volume with any possible means. Layers were the most strong armors here. Meanwhile now you can boast your texture without torturing yourself. That is why we have in trends blunt cut bob for any hair density. Add center parting and look suer stylish!

Half up half down bob styles

Emilia Clarke center pat bob hairstyles
Emilia Clarke bob cuts

Mother of the dragons wears very casual yet quite impressive style. The half knot for bob became trendy last summer and as far as I can guess this will be one of the trendiest look next summer too.

Casual off centered bob cuts

casual center pat bob hairstyles
every day short bob

Deep side parting always looks very elegant and is meant for special occasions. However, middle parts are both elegant and casual enough for you to wear hair like this each single day.


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