Winter 2018 Hair Trends & Celebrity Looks

With the coming of cold dull days, seems that inspiration all vanishes away. You are no longer enthusiastic about the way you look, and new fresh ideas just won't come along. However, no worries, there is a source of inspiration that never dries out and can jazz you up with ideas anytime. I am talking about celebrity looks. To grab some bright ideas for winter hairstyles 2018 you just need to have a loo at the recent appearance if celebs on various occasions. The spirit of winter is everywhere, some turn for dark warm color, the others go for butter blonde. The most daring ones follow the Frozen Queen image and get the silver blonde hair. Any look to satisfy any taste. So let's dive in this winter hair trends world right now.

#1 classy lob cut

Blake Lively new lob hairstyle 2018
Blake Lively

The Weed's actress beloved and known for many other movies, has always had the image with long hair, beach wavy and sensually messy. However, at the premiere of her new movie she appeared with this elegant and classic blonde bob hairstyle. Thus an old but fresh trend is set.

#2 butter and honey blonde hair

Jennifer Lawrence butter blonde mid length hairtsyles 2018
Jennifer Lawrence

In summer the trendiest hair is the beach wavy style. However, we see in this post that for winter looks smooth and straight hair is more appropriate. Butter blonde color makes it even better.

#3 deep rich brunette shade for winter hairstyles 2018

Priyanka Chopra strong brunette hair colors 2018
Priyanka Chopra

Another invincible look among winter hairstyles 2018 is the deep and rich dark hair color. Better if it is inborn hair hue like in case of Priyanka.

#4 bronze brown straight mid parts

Jourdan Dunn deep brown sleek hairstyle 2018
Jourdan Dunn

In continuation of hair shades, here come the brunette bronze color. This is the dark color injected with bronze shine.

#5 hair accessories - velvet bows and ribbons

long hairstyles with bow hair accessories 2018
green velvet hair bow

A winning trend for autumn and winter hair is definitely the velvet hair accessory. First there came the velvet hair ribbons of Tory Burch, now the velvet bows.

#6 silver blonde hairstyles 2018

Kim Kardashian

The black pantera look of Kim is now replaced with that of winter queen. Though olive skin makes it doubtful, but the bleached blonde color assures that it is her - the frozen queen.

#7 voluminous half updos

Beyonce half updo hairstyles 2018

The title of celeb with the best half updo seems to shift from Ariana Grande to Beyonce now.

#8 sky high top knots

Alessandra Ambrosio top knot hairstyles 2018
Alessandra Ambrosio

For any occasion, a sky high top knot will make your look.

#9 wavy dense ponytails hairstyles

Rihanna high ponytail hairstyles 2018

Pop queen's messy high ponytail has won hearts of millions, for winter time it is still on-trend.

#10 glam braided ponytail hair

Gigi Hadid braided ponytail hairstyle 2018
Gigi Hadid

And at the end, a bit of winter glam - high braided ponytail, bronze skin and yellow shiny outfit, a piece of summer in winter time.


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