Amazing Effect Of Platinum Blonde On Dark Skin

Ice blonde for mocha skin tone!

If some years before somebody told me that olive skin and bleached bold make a nice couple, I would laugh heartily and think what a lack of taste. However, time passes and trends change. And what we have now on the wave are the platinum blonde hair colors. They are combined with anything. We see them on short pixies and on popular bob cuts. Then they are on long waves and curls and on super straight hair. Finally, they are combined with all skin tones. And there is something very special about platinum blonde on dark skin. Somehow the beauty standards have undergone very drastic change and what before would look obscene is now quite normal.

Well, the images we see now are much softer than what we would imagine before. The looks with ice blonde are well thought off including make-up. The latter should not be very loud not to look vulgar.

Long bleached blonde on olive skin

long platinum blonde hair

street style bleached blonde hair on darker skin

bleached blonde on dark skin

Actually, I can't agree that this new trendy color will suit anybody. It is not only a matter of skin tone, but also of style. For example, the above girl with a short skirt and very long bleached blonde hairstyle is quite different from business style lady below. So before running to get the trendiest hair colors stop for a second and think whether it will be good for your style.

Ice blonde hair colors on olive skin

silver blonde on dark skin tone

Some shades of the platinum blonde look really awesome. Without any doubt here we can state the moonlit silver blonde is the perfect fit for dark skin.

Fantastic platinum blonde on dark skin tone

bleached blonde on dark tone

short ice blond on olive skin tone

Platinum blonde on dark skin looks equally nice on long and short hair. And the most smashing combination is when you dare cut your tresses into a modern bob cut and die hair into platinum. The two major trends together will make you rule the show.

Celebrity bleached blonde hair shades

Rita Ora

Rita Ora ice blonde hair

Well, there may be many modern artists that have gone for ice color shade like Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart but Rita Ora is the one with darker skin tone and the bleached blonde hair shade. And she looks super!


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