Celebrity Brunette Hair Color Shades To Fall In Love With

Dark hair colors give infinite source of multiple shades you may apply. Go for honey shades, for caramel highlights, add butter sub-tones and emerge into jet black. Before your next visit to hairstylist you have to decide which shades of brown you would want. As almost always the most inspiring looks are provided by celebrities we love and adore. Some of the ladies in the pictures below have adopted their celebrity brunette hair colors as their lifestyles. They never drastically change color, only sometimes update it with feathery high and lowlights. However, some of them love changing between colors and gong from blonde to brunette in a day. In any case, no matter what part you belong too, the below ideas will be a real fresh look on how you can update your dark mane.

Long solid deep brown hair colors

Amal Clooney brunette hair color
Amal Clooney

Anne Hathaway brunette hair colors
Anne Hathaway

Penélope Cruz brunette hair colors
Penélope Cruz

Looking at the celebrities above you may think that they are boasting solid color, one dimensional and rich. Well, it is rich and deep, but it is not solid. Here is where the master of the hairstylist is revealed. Creating the highlights, mixing colors so that it is not notable at all. Perhaps, this should be your next upgrade. The dark tresses of Anna Hathaway really see to be of one color, meanwhile Penelope reveals softest buttery strands that create the soft and lite look.

Celebrity brunette hair colors with caramel highlights

Salma Hayek

Eva Longoria brunette hair colors
Eva Longoria

Angelina Jolie brunette hair colors
Angelina Jolie

If you are thinking of highlights for your dark hair, you are here to see caramel and honey highlights. Indeed, these are perhaps the best shades for dark hair, be it deep brown or real brunette. Converting your hair color into a creamy espresso, these highlights will brighten up your face and add some mystery to your looks.

Soft shades of brown hair

Bella Hadid brunette hair colors
Bella Hadid

Kendall Jenner brunette hair colors
Kendall Jenner

Mandy Moore brunette hair colors
Mandy Moore

Victoria Beckham brunette hair colors
Victoria Beckham

No doubt, celebrity brunette hair colors are not limited to just some shades of brown like cognac or wooden tone. For example, take Bella Hadid. Her signature hair hue is brunette, but remember how many time she has changed the shades each time introducing new tone. This is what you need to do. On the one hand you maintain your individuality and devotion to favorite hair color. On the other hand, you always look fresh and trendy.


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