Dare Try Ice Cold Silver Bob Hairstyles

Merge two trends into one and get moonlit bob cuts!

Now that winter is coming to rule several months, why not get adjusted to its moods and go snow silver? With the trends for pastel hair colors, grey and silver hair also started to become more and more popular. And it is not only about mature women who prefer to maintain their natural greying hair. On the contrary, nowadays we see many young ladies who decide to change hair color for a most trendy look. How to get that look then? Well, the best way is to combine two major trends. In this case, bob cuts and gray color to get the ice cold silver bob hairstyles. Yes, the combination is impressive and will draw much attentions.

So will you dare to be among the first to adopt the trend? Will you dare to follow the spirits of the cold winter and look like the Ice Queen with the silver in the hair? Actually, it is a worthy option to change looks for some time, I will recommend considering it.

Straight bob cuts and silver hair colors

silver bob for straight hair

slicked messy grey bob styles

side parted silver bob hairstyles

straight bob cuts of silver color

Bob hairstyles appeared extremely widely spread, the previous summer was a breakthrough for them. Maybe not as much as 1920's when they first appeared. However, bob cuts suddenly became mainstream. Actually, they have always been present in all seasons. But once top artists and pop stars started to adopt them, they went viral. And now imagine combining bobs with grey hair, it will definitely be the look.

Wavy ice cold silver bob hairstyles

messy lob hairstyles

waves on silver bob cuts

For sure, bob haircuts can be styled in impossibly many ways. For going to work it can be sleek and strict bb. While for going out with friends simple messy beach waves will do. And for a date curls are irreplaceable. With your new silver bob hairstyles any hair texture will look fine indeed. Also, rememebr that you can go more craetive and make highlights or ombre grey.

Curly silver grey bob cuts

sensual silver coils

curly bob haircuts of silver color

Jennifer Lawrence silver bob hairstyles
Jennifer Lawrence silver bob hairstyles

Obviously, silver grey is not just one color. As any other shade it has its tone and sub-tones. Ina  word, you can go dark grey and very light silver, you can have dark roots and go balayage or ombre highlighted.


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