Inspiring Ideas For Long Hair With Highlights

Wearing long hair is not an easy thing and each girl with waist-length tresses will confirm that. First of all, it s about hair care and styling. It appears indeed quite difficult to take hold of the mane when it is dense and long. We all think that long hair can never be boring. Sure there are millions of ways to style them. Cute updos, easy or sufficient, downdos, curls and waves and all the rest that you can imagine. But often we get tired and want to leave hair loose and look fresh and new. Here is when you will need to wear your long hair with highlights. Yes, changing color drastically may be dramatic, while adding highlights is easy and effective. On the one hand, it doesn't change your nature, you still remain blonde or brunette. But on the other hand, you add some features from the contradicting image. That is sure to look smashing, especially on gorgeous long hairstyles.

Long dark brunette hairstyles with high and lowlights

straight haired brunettes

celebrity brunettes

Well, a lady vamp, the infinite source of passion and affection are the brunettes. There is no doubt about it. Women with dark or black hair have some unique charm and allure to conquer hearts and break them too. For brunettes long hair can be updated with soft caramel or honey highlights. Or you can make the transition barely noticeable by adding mocca or espresso color.

Brown color long hair with highlights

chocolate hair

balayage for brown hair

light brown hair with blonde highlights

Many women with inborn brown hair at a certain moment in their lives start to hate their hair colors. Why? Cause this is the color that is caught in the middle - neither blonde, nor brunette. However, it has the soft features that blondies usually possess, and determinacy and domination of brunettes. Decide which side you support more and add the consequent highlights - blonde or dark brown.

Blonde hairstyles with various highlights

blonde with dark roots

long blonde hair colors with highlights

Your long hair with highlights can actually be the very simple blonde you usually wear with some strands of darker shade or with dark roots. The hairstyles with darker roots are very trendy nowadays cause they look natural. You know, that real blondes have their roots darker, that on growing out are burnt in the sun and polluted by the environment, that leads to lighter hair shade.


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