Get The Ultimate Guide To Red Hair Color Shades 2017

If you have ever thought of dyeing hair into red tones, then you are in the right place right now to see the fullest guide to red hair color shades 2017. In fact, going red can be the most challenging and daring step that you have ever taken in your life. Why? First of all, red hair colors are so vivid that you need to have the nerves to take all the attention you will get. Secondly, redheads are the most sexy and appealing women ever, cause this makes them look simply unforgettable. And it is not a coincidence that lady vamp is usually associated with big red mane. Thirdly, red is a state of mind, a state of moods and spirits. So be careful with it too.

Yes, it is impressive and very high impact color, and before going red you need to carefully analyze the palette and decide on the shade that will fit you. From orange to rose, from mahogany to copper, from cherry to strawberry, red has so many tones and shades that it is highly possible to find a once the one fitting your skin one, your eyes, and of course your base hair color. Ready to see more?

#1 Rose Gold Hair Color

golden rose-lips

You will say it is blonde and not red. But look at the soft and tender pink and rosy shades. These are basically a sub-tone of red.

#2 Ginger Hair Shade

soft ginger

Ginger is not only a very healthy product to consume, but also an impressive hair color to try. It will be a good start for adopting red hues.

#3 Auburn Hair Tone

vibrant auburn

Like the leaks of flames, your tresses died into auburn will convert you into a fire lady. Be careful, not to burn all around!

#4 Copper Hair Color

flame copper

Actually, this is the color that many celebrities adopt and sport in all its variations. Among red hair color shades 2017, light copper for those with lighter base color. Meanwhile, dark copper will suit the ones that have brown or darker shade.

#5 Dark Copper Red Hair Color Shades 2017

deep and dark copper

Consequently, here is the darker variant of copper that is extremely eye-catching and worthy to try on. It fits dark eyes for sure. However, the contrast it creates when combined with green eyes is simply impeccable.

#6 Mahogany Hair Hue

shade of mahogany

Getting closer to deep and dark red hair color shades 2017, we see mahogany now. It is is solid, it is deep and it feels like you get inside of it on seeing. It is good if you have a bit darker base color, cause otherwise it will be too loud and loose its charm.

#7 Cherry Brown Hair Tone

red of mature cherry

Mother nature is very abundant in red hues. Eventually, we start with berries. Mature cherry is the color really meant for mature grown up ladies.

#8 Velvet Hair

red velvet

You love sweets? Cupcakes? Then go for red velvet color hat is all about the famous flavor.

#9 Raspberry Hair Color

sweet berry

Finally, another version of berry colors. The raspberry hat is a very rich and vibrant pink. Well, there are many berries and the truth is that you can get the color of any of them.


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