What About Short Hair Balayage?

Balayage hair dyeing technique is the most popular and most widely spread one in our times. Just a couple of years ago we are all crazy about ombre hairstyles and now suddenly all go for this other technique. But is it new? Actually, balayage hair coloring has gone a long way. It appeared in 70's in a small hairstylist's lab in Paris. And from then on it has been there, sometimes more popular, sometimes less. You will say that such method should be meant for long hair only. Because only on significant length the hair colorist will have the space to create these dimensional and complete images, with highlights existing but almost not seen. However, below you will find some very nice ideas on short hair balayage.

Why this should be stylish and trendy? Well, is there anything looking more fashionable than the combination of the two mainstream tendencies - bob haircuts with balayage highlights? I am guessing that no and that you will definitely agree with me.

Short wavy hairstyles balayage coloring

wavy short bob

beach wavy balayage bob cuts

short cut bob hairstyles with highlights

short curly highlighted hair

All the above pictures represent the short hair balayage ideas. Some darker, the other lighter. But all united with one and the same feature- naturalness. If ombre puts accent on two colors and sometimes the transition is not soft at all, balayage is the contrary. The highlights are quite close to base color, and they just merge into each other that creates a complete image. Ans as you can see yourself they look simply awesome on the short bob hair length.

Balayage lob hairstyles

lob hairstyles with balayage highlights

Chrissy Teigen lob haircut
Chrissy Teigen lob haircut

Another trendy look of the current times is provided with overgrown bob that is knows as lob hairstyle. Together with balayage they create some magnificent looks for any occasion. Casual on the one hand, and elegant on the other.

Straight short hair balayage ideas

choppy bob with highlights

Some coloring styles are barely noticeable. In the above picture he straight choppy bob is colored with the trendiest technique we are talking about, But would you tell that at first sight? Seems like her natural color with ends being slightly lighter. Actually, here is where the masterful hand of the colorist is seen. Si before getting you short hair highlighted with balayage, make sure to choose a pro hair colorist.


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