Attention: All New Blorange Hair Color Trends 2017

We have just stepped into the new year and here we have already the first biggest trend - blorange hair color trends 2017. Actually, there is nothing new about this color. It is a regular mixture of pastel pink with silver, of peach with pink, and orange with all the rest. However, just a couple day ago the famous Gigi Hadid was spotted with blorange hair. And it went viral. Seems like we have just noticed the color that were present in our lives forever. To tell the truth, after spotting neon hair colors at the fashion weeks for SS17, it was not very surprising that we will see the rise of the pink shades. In any case, as far as the tendencies change and undergo new touches, we see it necessary to follow them. This is precisely why we are going to get some inspiration for blorange hair colors right now right in this article. From deep pink to very light orange, from solid color to highlight, from common people to star celebrities. Here we go!

Orange mixture

orange sherbet blorange hair colors 2017
orange sherbet

When you come to mix up several tones of the same color, you get a mixture or better call it sherbet to sound more exotic.

Pale peach

peach blorange hair colors 2017
peachy blorange

Shoulder length bob cut combined with bleachy peach color seems to make a trendiest look for now.

Peachy highlights

blorange hair colors 2017 with peach highlights
pastel pink with peach highlights

If you love your base hair color, but still this new blorange hair color trends 2017 do not get out of your head, then just go for highlights.

Blorange ombre

blorange ombre hair colors 2017
dark root pink and orange hair

Well, as all other tones of hair, there is nothing suprising that your blorange can be used for highlights, for ombre and balayage.

Neon pink and orange hair colors

blorange hair colors 2017 with orange pink highlights
bright highlights

Actually, here is what I would a trend. Bright color, vivid highlights. All the spirits of neon in here.

Metallic pink blorange hair color trends 2017

metallic pink blorange hair colors 2017
shiny pink

Looking for a classy look with a touch of elegance? No doubt, metallic pink will give you what you are seeking for.

Dark shades of orange

blorange hair colors 2017 with orange and pink highlights
deep pink with light orange highlights

Seems, we can;t really call these dark shades with this new name of blorange. However, it is another variation of orange.

Rose gold hair colors

Rose gold blorange hair colors 2017
golden rosy hair

Consider going rosy pink. Soft and tender. Indeed, quite a feminine color to obtain.

Gigi Hadid blorange hair colors 2017

Gigi Hadid blorange hair colors 2017
all new hair color 2017 from Gigi Hadid

Finally, here it is! The guilty for all this fuss around new hair color trends 2017. Gigi introduced this color and we willingly will follow it throughout the season.


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