Balayage Blonde Hair Colors 2017 Summer

Even though we are deeply stuck in winter, we should think of the warmest time of the year to come soon. You know, time flies and everything passes so quickly that you will pen your eyes one day and see that you have missed all the hottest hair trends. For this not to happen to you, take a look at balayage blonde hair colors 2017 summer. Actually, there are several trends in future hair colors that will be awaiting you in a couple of months. But today, we will talk about blondies. Well, last summer revealed to us one of the boldest variations of this soft and feminine color - platinum blonde hair shade. It went so viral that until now, in this freezy winter we still go on bleaching hair.

Still, meanwhile the mainstream trend was being followed by almost everyone, there remained some of us who stayed true to roots. I mean balayage hair coloring for blondes. This is the technique that will nit fade away. And with current popularity of blonde, they will too make a long and successful journey in the world of hair fashion.

Extra long blonde hairstyles with highlights

longe highlighted blonde hair

soft play of color on long hair

sunkissed blonde

You may ask me now why balayage? Why not ombre? Why not bold highlights? Actually, this is the very trend of our times. Naturalness is the key conception here. Balayage never looks drastic and artificial. It just underlines your inborn color and adds some dimension and shape to it. This is why it is so popular. In some cases even very experienced people will not notice that you have highlighted you blonde mane.

Mid length hair and balayage blonde hair colors 2017 summer

smoky balayage

dark blonde hair colors

short length hair balayage

For balayage blonde hair colors 2017 summer you can take as base any shade of blonde. Really, it can be dark one, closer to brown, or the famous platinum blonde. Just make sure that highlights are close to the base color and fuse into each other not making vivid difference.

Celebrity blondes with balayage highlights

Gigi Hadid bronde hair shade

Rita Ora soft blonde balayage

Eventually, we get to celebrity looks. The fact that a lot of top artists are wearing balayage now speaks for itself. Te trend is really widespread. Besides, if at a certain moment you get tired of your solid color, you can always upgrade your look with some highlighting technique.


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