Blunt Cut Bob Hairstyles With Straight Bangs

Which are the most popular hairstyles right now? Bob cuts - you will cry out. And you will be absolutely right. The famous chin length hairstyles have gone a long way to become this much mainstream as they are now. The story started a century ago. It was in 1920's that the first bob styles appeared. Some modern women of those times cut hair, the others created faux bobs. Then it was 60's when we faced another wave of very short bobs. Even though these sort cuts are different each time, they have in common certain things. The length is the most important of them, cause it is with bob that you can show of your texture and color, even create updos. Yet this length represents you like a smart and independent woman. Besides, don't you think that bobs are functional? Blunt bob hairstyles with bangs definitely are. In spite of the fact that it is usually considered than thin hair should be made to look voluminous, nowadays we gave finally come to a trend that lets us boast the thin and sleek hair texture. No layers, no dimensional effect, just extra straight strands cut bluntly. Bangs appear o be a nice complement in this case.

Celebrity straight bob cuts with fringes

Taylor Swift blunt bob hairstyles with bangs
Taylor Swift

celebrity blunt bob hairstyles with bangs
celebrity blunt bobs

First of all, here are some celebrity looks depicting straight bobs. Well, some have inborn thick hair texture, the others not In any case, blunt cut hairstyles look fantastic. Mind that these styles are not about thin bangs. On the contrary, fringes here are thick and massive and also blunt.

Runway blunt bob hairstyles with bangs

runway blunt bob hairstyles with bangs
short bob cuts from runways

catwalk blunt bob hairstyles with bangs
sleek and straight chin length hair

Secondly, let's draw some inspiration from runway looks. For sure, there are a lot of straight hair ideas taken from fashion shows. Blunt bobs make no exclusion here. By the way, you bob can vary in length. Shorter than chin length or going until shoulders?

Street style straight bob styles

street style blunt bob hairstyles with bangs
short black bob

straight blunt bob hairstyles with bangs
straight bob ideas

Thirdly, let's go out to streets and see there some amazing ideas for blunt bob hairstyles with bangs. Women are very creative indeed. Even if you haven't ever seen such looks on TV shows, you can still meet them in streets.

Platinum blonde short haircuts

platinum blonde blunt bob hairstyles with bangs
ice blonde straight bob cuts

Finally, here is the platinum blonde hair color. Apparently, we couldn't just pass it by, cause last summer there was a big boom of the bleached blonde shade combined with short bobs.


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