Casual Chic Takes On Classy Bob Hairstyles

It is no secret already that bob hairstyles are the winning choice of the current seasons. For several years now we see how the short haircuts get more and more popular each time. Actually, there is nothing surprising about it. First of all, tomes change and world moves on so quickly that women need to catch up with the pace. This is the era of working business ladies. And it is essential that we look appropriate. However, it is not about a business style only. Mind, that your outfits and your hairstyles should be comfortable and durable. Obviously, hair styling shouldn't take much time. So bob cuts seem to be the perfect solution here. They are short enough to forget about hair styling and care procedures. Besides, they are long enough to show of hair texture and underline your femininity. No doubt, bob is the cut of the century and you need to see some of the best examples given below.

Adding waves and curls to short bob haircuts

Jourdan Dunn iconic bob cut
Jourdan Dunn

curly bob hairstyles
curly bob

Well, the truth is that saying bob we do not mean one and only style. Yes, it is the classy chin length cut foremost. However, there are dozens of ways you can style your haircut. Consider, waves and curls. On the ideal length some lazy waves or tighter curls will look refreshing especially if you have always worn straight hair.

Classy bob hairstyles with bangs

bob hairstyles with bangs
messy bangs

bangs bob hairstyles
blunt bob

Karolina Kurkova blunt bob with bangs
Karolina Kurkova

It is not always that we love bangs. But now they are officially back into fashion. Quite often bangs start to get on your nerves. Passing a couple of weeks they grow out and get into eyes. That may be disturbing. Seems, short bangs are a good way out in such cases. Cut fringes short enough to reveal eyebrows, thus underlining eyes and winning some more time before they grow out. And they do it quite fast.

Best street style bob cuts

short dark bob hairstyles
short dark hairstyles

brunette street style bob hairstyles
brunette bobs

cute short bob hairstyles
chic mid part hair

Get inspired with bob hairstyles ideas from streets. Yes we often turn to models and celebrities for fresh looks. However, I assure you that being attentive walking in streets can bring you to genius ideas for your next look.

matte blonde bob hairstyles
matte blonde

Finally, a couple of words about blonde hair color. It is viral, it is widely spread. Above pictures show off matte blonde color, that is the next to be as popular as platinum.


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