Celebrity Bobs & Lobs We Loved in 2017

Is there still anybody left unsure about the biggest hair trend? For all of you, reveal the awesome bobs and lobs the top artists rock and get inspired yourself! Bob hairstyles have always been present in our lives. The trend having started in 20's of the last century, made the period to be called Golden Epoch. Since then we have constantly be seeing how bobs come and never go. Later on in 60's another huge triumph of shortest cuts took place. Finally, now we see how these amazing styles win hearts of everybody. Celebrity bob cuts 2017 will prove to you that here is the major trend.

First, some celebs acquired the tendency, but when the trend spread to runways, we knew it was the greatest moment. When models striking the catwalks cut off their model-long tresses, it was clear that we have come to the grand hair trends of 2017.

Platinum blonde bob hairstyles 2017

Cara Delevingne bob cuts 2017
Cara Delevingne

Katy Perry bob cuts 2017
Katy Perry

Diane Kruger bob hairstyles 2017
Diane Kruger

A few words about color would be right to the point. Actually, there is one combination that will hit all the charts - platinum blonde bob haircuts. Yes, going bleached blonde is still trendy, however now you can go for silver and soft creamy tones too. Another option is simply white hair color. Like that of Cara and Katy. Though you may get tired of it soon. For a more long lasting effect, softer blonde shades will be good.

Middle part bob hairstyles

Kendall Jenner bob cuts 2017
Kendall Jenner

Selena Gomez bob cuts 2017
Selena Gomez

Kim Kardashian

What we saw at the very recent big events like Met Gala 2017 and MTV Movie Awards did not surprise us much. The middle part hairstyles, sleek and straight and of bob hair length are definitely the new fresh branch in celebrity bob cuts 2017. By the way, pay attention to slightly longer variations too. The lobs still are here and they look very appealing.

Very short celebrity bob cuts 2017

Kylie Jenner celebrity bob cuts 2017
Kylie Jenner

Lily Collins celebrity bob cuts 2017
Lily Collins

You can go short enough with bob cuts. For sure, these style Lily is just the event inspired. But I would say I rather like the look with that short bangs and very short bob. The thick mane of Kylie is also quite inspiring. She is the one sporting side parting more and often boasting some new bob.

Consequently, you saw with your own eyes now that bob cuts really rule the show right now. So why not to obtain this great style?



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