Cool Undercut With Beard Mens Hairstyles 2017

The new season is heading forward but we still have some doubt about male hair trends. Well, there are things that we can be sure about. The lumbersexual trend is on the first place among them. this new wave has drowned thousands of men all around the world. And it never stops conquering attention. What is going to be updated are the short haircuts. For sure, beards actually fit any hair length. In spite of numerous doubts around the hygiene part of the beards, they are still rocking the world. So what are you waiting for? Cool undercut with beard mens hairstyles 2017 are waiting for you!

There are things to take into account before you run to hairstylist. First consider you hair texture. Will it look okay with very short almost shaved sides? Or you better go for cropped short cut option? Both will look trendy. Then think over the front part. To leave it a bit long like quiff or pompadour? Or go shorter to classy fade? All of the mentioned men's hairstyles will look fine next year, once you grow out a significant beard.

Extra trendy beards with crop cut sides

thin beards and cropped side for men

quiff undercut hairstyles

Actually, beards were always present in our lives. Remember some season ago runway flooded with thin beards. Then they were meant to make the models look more manly. This is the bare truth. And the tendency spread. Nowadays it is different. We talk about real thick beards and short haircuts. Really brutal!

Business style undercut with beard mens hairstyles 2017

shaved sides and beards

suits and beards 2017

If you have incredible business plans for the coming year, undercut with beards mens hairstyles 2017 will be a good way to show off, look trendy and smart. Just look at the pictures above. Suits seem to have been invented for these hair looks.

Cool undercuts with beards for men

slicked back undercuts

neat beards and short haircuts

Above all, the style is for any age. Remember the French model of 60 years. He is one of the most radiant fans of short hair with vast beard.

Ultra modern male undercuts lumbersexual trend

short hair, big beard

cool beards and short cuts for men

Eventually, don't you consider that the undercut and beards are very cool? I mean that they are really very modern and practical and also nice. In a word, women like these styles as much as men.


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