Double Bun Hairstyles 2017: Childish and Flirty

The new mass trend of double bun hairstyles for 2017.

Bun updo hairstyles are among the most beloved ones for all the ladies that have medium or long hair. And iff yu think that bun is just that one style, it means that you do not know these styles and have no idea how versatile they can be. Once you fall in love with buns and ultra trendy top knots hairstyles, you will go playing and inventing new ways of wearing ballet and donut buns, high and low knots, polished and messy styles. And each time you are sure to look different, even more if you decide one day to experiment with double buns. Yes, at first sight this can be childish, because two knots are usually associated with kids hair like pigtails, but we already know that double braids look grown-up enough, so considering two buns also is acceptable, provided that they are really cute. Recently I have noticed that wearing the so called Chinese ox horn hairstyles is turning to be a mass trend, and that is why I assume that their popularity will rise even more, So consider now double bun hairstyles 2017, and play on the edge of being childish yet flirty.

Runway double buns

runway double bun hairstyles 2017

As any other style, two buns started their way on runways under the masterful hands of the most well-know hairstylist, so only having a look at catwalk designs can be inspiring.

Low braided two bun styles

low braided double buns

Before going ahead to discuss the high styles, please have a look at these braided low buns. Will you still say the are childish? I suppose that these are among the most elegant looks, seen on the runway on Kendall Jenner first and now having gone to streets.

Casual double bun hairstyles 2017

cute ox-horns bun hairstyles


Chinese ox-horns hairstyles 2017


messy casual two bun hairstyles 2017

If you love this style, you do not need to be able to style the perfect polished buns. Just creating messy two top knots will be fine to create cute everyday solutions for you to look pretty and attractive.

celebrity models two bun hair

The boom and peak of double buns ame forward after Kendall Jenner appeared at Coachella with the cutest ox horns. Then there joined other models and celebrities and quite naturally the trend spread.

Street style double bun hairstyles

flirty two bun hair


street style double buns

street style double bun hair

fashion week street style double bun hairstyles 2017

Chinese ox-horns double bun hairstyles

And the most fashionable double bun looks are surely spotted on Fashion Week capitals streets, accompanied with accessories and outfits that make buns even more impressive.

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