Enchanting Ombre Lob Hairstyles

This summer many of us followed the trend and went shorter with bob haircuts. However, a couple of months later we all seem to face the same problem - overgrown bob. What to do with it now? Many will say that go and update you cut, regular trimming will always keep it fit. And I will say keep calm and enjoy your new length. The long bob styles have become extremely popular nowadays. The transitional mid length hair looks are as popular as bobs themselves. In any case if you have got such shoulder length tresses, you should find out some ideas on enchanting ombre lob hairstyles. Yes, the coloring technique may seem out of fashion a bit. With the balayage method that has conquered the world, everybody has turned to it now. However, ombre is not very drastic. The below examples will assure you that the length of your long bob is quite good for experimenting with highlights.

Wavy long bob styles with highlights

lob with blonde highlights

wavy lob with dark roots and blonde highlights

natural wave on shoulder length cuts with ombre highlights

Actually, for summer time it is quite natural to have the highlights that make hair look like sunburnt. Many of us intentionally highlights tresses so that we look like from beach all the time. However, with colder weather you should change your look slightly. Go for deeper colors, experiment with darker shades. For example, instead of platinum blonde on ends, you can go for creamy matte blonde.

Messy ombre lob hairstyles

best ombre lob hair

long bob hairstyles

Once you have the transitional and dimensional ombre lob hairstyles, it comes to styling. For important event, you can for sire go for defined waves and curls, and updos. By the way, the lob length will allow you creating cute updos. Meanwhile, for daily life the messy and trendy bedhead effect styles will be the best option for you.

Straight long bob hairstyles with ombre highlights

Vanessa Hudgens straight ombre lob
Vanessa Hudgens straight ombre lob

ombre highlights on straight lob

cute straight ombre lob cut

Finally, once you have the amazing new highlights on your head, you will boast your natural hair texture. I mean if you have straight hair, you won't need inventing curls and waves. Just leave hair in peace and enjoy the nice straight strands with playful highlights.

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