8 Major Fall 2017 Hair Color Trends You Can Try Now

Get to know the ultimate fall 2017 hair color trends right here right now! Well, it is true that we still have summer ahead. But you know how quickly time flies. You will wake up one beautiful morning and sea the yellow leaves, the sad rainy weather outside and get in panic. What to wear? What bag and shoes to choose? Of course, the next question will be what make-up to try and which are the hairstyles to be trendy. With the change of season, women almost always tend to go for new hair colors. There is nothing better to show your harmony with the changing nature than being on the same page with it.

I mean that in summer the beach wavy blonde hair is the best solution. It can vary from platinum to grey blonde, to caramel and butter highlights. Anything that looks like sun-kissed shade and beachy atmosphere. Meanwhile for autumn time it is not that straightforward. When nature fades away, you need to be slightly melancholic, yet showing that spring will come soon anyway. For that purpose there exist warm autumn and winter hair color shades, that will help achieve harmony to its finest.

#1 babylights 

fall 2017 babylights hair colors
full length highlights

Get a fresh touch on dark hair with face-framing babylights. This is a very popular trick to get modern and youthful look. Like the fair hair baby hair, these smart babylights will really look nice in dull weather.

#2 soft ombre

Drew Barrymore ombre hair colors for fall 2017
Drew Barrymore

Some say that with the popularity of balayage, ombre hair highlighting has stepped back and faded on the past. However, I can argue with that. Soft transitional ombre looks astounding.

#3 warm highlights

smooth highlights

When it come to cold weather, you are obliged to go for warm hair colors. Well, not obliged but you will feel comfortable and at easy with dark chocolate color mane jazzed up with honey highlights.

#4 aubergine hair shades

fall 2017 eggplant hair colors

Here comes the moment for ladies who want to experiment. Deep violet is a nice start.

#5 mermaid hair colors

fall 2017 mermaid hair colors
soft blue

Well, perhaps the blue shades are not very common and not for everyone. Yet the frozen snowy princess may win your likes in winter time.

#6 fall 2017 hair color trends - pastel

fall 2017 pastel hair color trends
smokey hair

One of the biggest fall 2017 hair color trends are for sre pastel hues. Soft pink and mint green and ash grey will look all fine for the coming autumn time.

#7 geode hair

blueish hair

The LA hair color trend is still in here and very popular. It looks like the oiled slick hair trend, yet it is more trendy right now.

#8 jet black hair

Shay Mitchell jet black hair colors 2017 fall
Shay Mitchell

Finally, nothing better than the one solid color. Not always, but in case of glossy et black, that can be true.


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