Hairstyles With Bangs To Freshen Up Your Looks

Bangs are back into fashion! Fashion Weeks shows and Burberry models showed them off in spring 2017 collections. And from then on we see celebrities and trendseekers rocking various types of fringes with all types of hairstyles. Actually, hairstyles with bangs are awesome cause only they can arm you with new looks with minimum efforts. It is not changing your usual hair length drastically, it is not going for a new color unsure whether it will fit you. It is about just cutting bangs and rocking them with downdos and updos. For sure, fringes an also be of different types. For thick hair owners, dense full length fringes will be fine. However, it also depends on your face shape. For round face you better go for thin face framing bangs, cause full fringe will visually underline the round and square face features. So before cutting the bangs, you should definitely make a research on the types. Meanwhile we are getting ahead to see some prettiest hairstyles with various types of bangs that you can adopt now.

Long hair short bangs

long hairstyles with short bangs
very short bangs hairstyles

Achieve a complete contrast in your look with combination of short bangs with long hair. This is the most impressive combo where contradiction is so beneficial. Likely, this style of fringes will best of all fit oval face shape. Besides when bangs are shorter from the level of eyebrows, they tend to underline eyes and brows greatly. So this is obviously a nice way if you want to put accent on your eyes.

Casual updos with fringes

easy updo hairstyles with bangs
long bangs

casual ponytail hairstyles with bangs
ponytails with blunt fringes

One of the most amazing features of hairstyles with bangs is that the most simple looks gets an upgrade. Really, look how a plain ponytail look when you combine it with full fringes, or light layered bangs.

Long hairstyles with bangs

hairstyles with long bangs
full vast fringes

long hairstyles with thick bangs
thick bangs for long hair

Getting back to full and thick bangs, have a look at the above pictures. All of them are a combination of long tresses and full length bangs. But all are different. Depending on the thickness, on the cutting technique for blunt and layered fringes, you can get all distinctive looks.

Top knots with bangs

Alexa Chung iconic bangs hairstyles
Alexa Chung iconic bangs

top knot hairstyles with bangs
top knot with bangs

Above all, consider the trendiest top knots hairstyles accompanied with bangs. They look not only cute and not only casual. A smartly styled knot can convert into an elegant hairdo that you can wear to the most important events.


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