Hottest Gloss Smudge Hair Color Trends For This Summer

Girls, attention! Here is the latest and the freshest trends for coloring your hair right now - gloss smudge hair color trends 2017 summer! I feel you are in doubt what about gloss smudge. What does it mean and why it should be the trend? The top hairstylist in LA will reveal to us what is this mysterious hair dyeing technique that is gong viral, leaving behind even the platinum blonde hair shades. First of all, it is worthy to mention that it is meant for light hair mostly. Yet it's not limited to it, you can easily try it with your dark tresses as well.

On the whole, the gloss smudge technique consists in taking a toner or gloss and spreading in on the roots, then smudge and wash it away. In some ten minutes you come to have the most natural hair with highlights ever. All is easy and perfectly affordable. You can try it yourself at home, as I have done myself. It works perfectly good with fair hair and with light brown.

Dark hair gloss hair trends

gloss smudge hair color trends 2017 summer
long dark hair soft highlights

long hair gloss smudge hair color trends 2017 summer
dark hair caramel highlights

gloss smudge for dark hair colors 2017
short brown hair with butter highlights

Now you see it with your own eye, brunettes rock the fair and subtle highlights that were created by smudging gloss. What you need to know is the succession of your actions within the process. First of all, apply the gloss on the roots, then on the face framing hair. The strands on the front will become much lighter and look very natural as if baby lights. After all, go ahead and smudge some tier all over the length.

Hottest Gloss Smudge Hair Color Trends 2017 Summer

short hair hair color trends 2017 summer
brown hair ombre gloss smudge

Why is the gloss smudge to be popular? Actually, it exist for some time now. However, only now it goes mainstream cause it is easy. Besides, the trends are sorting natural looks and there is nothing more natural than sunkissed highlights. So gloss smudge hair color trend s2017 summer will bring are definitely worthy to copy.

Blonde hair dyeing trendiest technique

gloss smudge blonde hair color trends 2017 summer
blonde gloss hair color

cute gloss smudge hair color trends 2017 summer
long blonde hair with highlights

As mentioned at the beginning, this hair coloring technique is mostly meant for blondes. You take a gloss of slightly lighter shade and get the unforgettable play of tones that looks like it was there forever. So go to shop and get your toner now, the process is easy to realize in front of the mirror at home.


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