Get To Know Hottest Hair Colors For Spring

With the spring approaching us with decisive steps, we should already come t thing about some new image to adopt. Actually, with current trends for nude make up and natural hair texture, there is little thing to invent to look unique. However, there is always another chance to experiment with color. Your only appointment for a brand new look should be with your hair colorist. Even though we have talked about rose gold and blorange hair color for 2017 spring time, in reality there are some basic color that you can adopt without passing the limits. Below you will find 5 hottest hair color trends 2017 spring and summer time will be sporting. These are the very base shades of colors that are solid and rich and do not need any flattening highlighting techniques to look this much cool.

#1 deep solid brown hair

Kendall Jenner hair color trends 2017 spring
Kendall Jenner high top knot at Golden Globe 2017 afterparty

deep brown hair color trends 2017 spring
rich brown hair

Brown hair colors for everyone. Really, no matter whether you have fair or dark skin you can find a perfect shade for yourself. However, mind that warmer tones are for those with paler skin. Meanwhile, olive skin owners better go for cooler metallic shades of brunette.

#2 soft highlights for brunettes

brunette with highlights hair color trends 2017 spring
brunette with smooth highlights

On hearing the word highlights, somehow we come to imagine some strands if completely different color than the base tone. Actually,what is going to be trendy are very subtle highlighted strands that create dimensional effect on your mane.

#3 copper hair color trends 2017 spring

Emma Stone hair color trends 2017 spring
Emma Stone rich copper hair at SAG Awards 2017

copper hair color trends 2017 spring
soft copper hair shades

Red hair color never go out of fashion. This is the bare truth. However, from season to season they tend to vary. As we know, the coming spring and summer will be all about rose gold, metallic pink and blorange shades. Add to the soft copper shades now too. By the way, they will perfectly fit ladies with fair skin and green eyes. Like Emma Stone.

#4 nude hair colors

nude hair color trends 2017 spring
soft nude hair colors

Here is the major tendency among hair color trends 2017 spring - nude hair. Somehow, all in fashion now seeks naturalness. Now it has reached hair as well. But mind that it can completely ruin your image. So you need to be quite careful and consult your colorist on your skin tone compatibility with nude shades.

#5 rooted blonde hair trends

rooted blonde hair color trends 2017 spring
new rooted blonde colors

Another color meant for everyone. Base color of the roots can be revealed and it will look trendy. The richest contrast is achieved when you have darker color on the roots and blonde hair.


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