10 Hottest Hairstyles To Rock In Summer 2017

New year means a new start for many of us. Meanwhile some people may g n with very important decisions in their lives we can start with changing our style and image. The easiest and the most efficient way to do it is to adopt a brand new style. It should be different form what you have been wearing before. Yet it should obviously comply with the current tendencies we have in hair fashion industry. The warmest seasons of the year is waiting us ahead so it is the right moment to find out 10 hottest hairstyles 2017 spring summer will bring us. The most important thing here is that hair trends 2017 will sport only natural hair looks, so make sure not to overplay the new style.

Here we go!

#1 soft wavy bob cuts

soft waves bob hairstyles 2017 spring summer
broken wave styles

soft waves hairstyles 2017 spring summer
wavy bob cuts

Here is the style that can officially be called the major trend. Bob has undergone many makeovers but now we see the soft broken wave, as if natural hair texture and this is exactly how your new bob should look.

#2 dramatically deep side parting

side part hairstyles 2017 spring summer
deep side parted styles

Want to find a simple solution? Change you casual off centered parting to sensual deep parting. It will add volume to your mane and make it look more artistic.

#3 Center part hairstyles 2017 spring summer

long middle part hairstyles 2017 spring summer
classy mid parts

If we follow the style spotted on the runways, we will arrive to a conclusion that the most fashionable looks are now those with middle part. Yes, easy casual and fr any occasion!

#4 overgrown fringes

overgrown bangs hairstyles 2017 spring summer
long bangs

Burberry models set a new trend for the coming summer time. Bangs that are overpassing the regular length will be there to create sensual images.

#5 extra sleek and straight hairstyles 2017 spring summer

straight sleek hairstyles 2017 spring summer
sleek long tresses

Straight hair is another obvious tendency. However, take into account he one and only condition here - hair should be very healthy and shiny.

#6 wet effect hairstyles

wet effect hairstyles 2017 spring summer
wet hair looks

Hairstyles as if out of pool are here for several seasons now. And taking into account how much our beloved celebrities sport the style, they are not going anywhere soon.

#7 bronde hair colors

bronde hairstyles 2017 spring summer
bronde hair

Being absolutely on the side of naturalness, we see that among colors bronde - the mixture of blonde with brown - will be ruling the show.

#8 sky high ponytails

sky high ponytail hairstyles 2017 spring summer
high p-tails

Forget about the casual mid height ponytails you are wearing in the kitchen. Learn to style extremely high tails and look more than trendy.

#9 rebel side cornrows for long hair

side cornrows hairstyles 2017 spring summer
small side braids

Summer is the time for experiments and the looks that will express your individuality. Small tiny side cornrows are a good option.

#10 genderless hairstyles

androgynous hairstyles 2017 spring summer
androgynous styles

Before only brave women could afford boyish haircuts. Nowadays this minimalism is quite welcomed.

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