Men’s Hairstyles & Beards Trends 2017

Brutal looks with short cuts and beards.

Hairstyles and haircuts for men have become a serious topic for discussions and food for fashion too recently. If some years ago men were associated with simple short haircuts, now we see numerous styles and variations, from the most brutal to the softest looks. And each guy now is free to choose between the traditional crop cut or buzz cut, or go further with pompadours and Mohawks. And among all the designs there is one that is quite fashionable right now and will still be in the coming seasons. We are talking about men's beards and short hairstyles 2017 that are definitely impressive and brutal and show off courage and manliness even when you are soft and tender deep in your heart.

New blonde hair dark beard trend

new blonde hairstyles for men with dark beard 2017

After Lionel Messi, the world famous footballer, suddenly changed his style around a month ago to a drastic blonde hair color and dark beard, his new look was much discussed and criticized, but no matter what some people were saying, the new hairstyles trend for men seems to be in full blossom and we come to see many men around with platinum blonde hairstyles and darker beards.

Men's short haircuts and long beards trends for 2017

men's short haircuts with long beards 2017


side swept hairstyles for men with long beards


men's haircuts and beards trends


elegant slicked back hairstyles for men with beards

Curiously enough men's beard have undergone a complete makeover throughout the recent seasons. I have to say that the lumbersexual trend started very carefully, accurately we spotted some celebrities with thin beards that by time became thicker and thicker and longer. And now the trends for short haircuts and long beards are spread all around having involved many guys from celebrities to common people.

Men's hairstyles with beards


men's beards and hairstyles 2017


undercut men's hairstyles with beards


side swept hairstyles for men with beards

By the way even though beards have entered fashion industry with totally winning rankings, in reality the topic is still being discussed. Many peple say that beards are not hygienic and bear a lot of danger to the owner and his partner that happens to kiss him. Well, the rumors are still in the air, but nothing seems to obstacle the way of men's short haircuts with beards to hair trends 2017.

Male celebrity hairstyles and beards

Jeremy Dornan short wavy hairstyles with beard


George Clooney signature simple haircuts and grey beard


David Beckham elegant slicked back haircuts and thin beard

And here are the celebrity hairstyles for you to believe the trends are coming and start growing out the beard if you are a fan of this popular style.


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