Must Try Ideas for Hairstyles 2019

Spring was late to come this year. And among all the fuss of the blossoming word, we already need to look ahead. Yes, the fashion shows, couture weeks have already set trends for hairstyles 2019 winter and fall 2018. And to be in the limelight and in the center of all the beauty, it is high time we looked through the must have hair styles ideas for the coming fall/winter season. Before scrolling down to see the images, there is one thing to note. The trends have slightly changed from being too natural and relaxed to some more creativity and effort. This applies both to make-up trends with futuristic geometric eyeliner shapes and colors, and to hairstyles that jump back to retro looks and then fly to the distant future with sci-fi braids. So here we go to see the 10 top hairstyles for 2019 right now.

#1 Fluffy waves

fluffy waves hairstyles 2018
soft waves hairstyles 2018

Soft, shiny hair is always trendy, moreover if you style it with barely there waves.

#2 finger wave style

finger waves hairstyles 2019
defined wavy hair

Meanwhile we all like beach waves for their looking so sensual, here is another take on waves - the finger aves styled on loose hair. Looks nice!

#3 Beach waves hairstyles 2019

beach waves hairstyles 2019
after beach hair

Seems that the hairstyles that look something like summer and sun and sea are always in fashion. This is the real proof to that.

#4 Sky high bun hairstyles

Chanel high updo hairstyles 2019 winter
Chanel high updos

One of the cutest hairstyles 2019 is the bun introduced on Chanel runway. Easy, old good updo, looks so glam when styled with polished hair and messed bun.

#5 top knot hairstyles

top knots hairstyles 2018 Autumn Winter 2019
sumo knots

A good take on the popular top knots is this center parted sumo knot with very nicely combed sides.

#6 Retro updo hair styles

retro curly updo hairstyles 2019 winter fall
vintage curls

All the old comes back one day. The retro updos are back with some dramatic touch. A worthy idea for a night out or some special event.

#7 Cute downdo hairstyles for 2018 fall/winter

Armani low ponytail hairstyles 2019
Armani low ponytail

It is a real mastership to convert to the simple low pony into this piece of art. Definitely one of our favourite looks for the coming winter time.

#8 messy low ponytail

messy low ponytails 2019
low ponytails 2019

Simply pull your grown out bob into a tail and get the trendiest look from the runways.

#9 slicked wet hairstyles

low ponytail hairstyles 2019 winter
wet hairstyles

A style that is with us for so much time already! Wet effect hairstyles are still more than popular.

#10 braided hair idea

braids hairstyles 2019
braided tail

At the end, here is a sci-fi hairstyle as if from future. Why not try it on some glam party night?


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