PFW Street Style Hairstyles Trends 2017 Spring

Paris fashionistas to inspire you new hairstyles!

Passing through the greatest fashion cities we have finally arrived to Paris where perhaps the most fascinating SS17 shows will take place. Before going to runways and emerging ourselves into designer collections, let's walk along the streets. Paris street style has always been different showing off more elegance and more delicacy. So, if you are on side of refined looks let's stop here and see the hairstyles trends 2017 that are blown by autumn Paris street looks. Paris became the fashion center of the world in 17th century under the reign of le Roi-Soleil Louis XIV when he announced that Versailles would become the spotlight of fashion and style. And soon enough Paris turned to what we see it now. Anyways, getting back to nowadays Paris and its street style, we can define the major hair trends for the coming seasons.

Middle parted hairstyles

casual center parts


strict mid parts hairstyles 2017

Obviously, we all knew long before Paris that mid parts are damn trendy right now. It was in Spring when Rihanna and Miranda Kerr appeared with low buns, sleek and center parted. It was on runways where models where with perfect middle parting. However, now it s Paris. And when something is seen in Paris it is inevitably the trend.


Rihanna middle parted hairstyles PFW 2017 SPring
Rihanna middle parted hairstyles PFW 2017 Spring


off centered hairstyles from Paris streets

Well, talking about such modern looks can last forever. The only thing I have to say is that mid parts are sued now to long and short wavy and sleek hair, updos and loos styles.

Side parted hairstyles trends 2017

side parts from Paris


deep side parted hairstyles 2017

To jazz up your look with some more daring and more feminine touch, use the deep side parting The easy way to get some more glam.

Wet effect hair trends PFW streets

wet hairstyles

Well, well, well. Here we are again to see wet hair among the hairstyles trends 2017. Somehow they have stuck to the fashion industry and won't leave. Givenchy show for Spring 2017 was again all about wet styles.

Extravagant hair looks from Paris streets

crazy hairstyles

You will never fail if you turn to Paris for some extravagant inspiration. These strange and crazy style seen on streets may serve for some special occasion.

Bob hairstyles inspired by PFW street style

short black bob


bob cuts Paris

Doubtless, there is no way to get rid of bib cuts. And I bet nobody wants it. Bob styles in Paris define the tendency to their still growing popularity and we are sure to see them in hairstyles trends 2017.

Casual top knots - elegant street style

top knots hairstyles

Want to look elegant but not too much glamorous? Choose street style top knots seen in every fashion capital and worthy trying for any occasion.

Hair color trends 2017 Paris

pastel hair hues


orange neon hair colors

Paris is full of color, not only autumn but also spring and summer hues. Hair color trends 2017 are definitely on side of pastel and neon colors that we have spotted in Milan and London too.


Photos: courtesy of Vogue


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