Platinum Blonde Men’s Hairstyles To Be The Trend?

Would you dare to wear an ice hair color?

Time flows fast and trends change rapidly. After the brutal men looks of 90's where we saw bravery and strength and men that didn't care about make-up and hair, now we have emerged into all different times. These are the times where platinum blonde men's hairstyles tend to become the mass trend. Well, it all started several seasons ago. Rock stars and crazy adventurous guys always like to go for extreme looks. However, suddenly it was Zayn Malik with ice blonde buzz cut. And then it went through the men celebrities. Soon enough we saw runways flooding with cute models all with white hair.

But when it all went viral is this summer of 2016. Justin Bieber went platinum blonde. This was an event. Actually, it affected the teen auditorium. But when Leo Messi blonde hair color startled us one beautiful morning, things went crazy. The game changing new look put the beginning of a new trend for grown up men hairstyles - male platinum blonde hair. And this what we will see now.

Male ice blonde hair colors

runway ice blonde for men

platinum blonde men

street style bleached blonde for teen guys

Experimenting with hair colors when you are a teenage is quite normal. It is the period when you still don't know who you are. So maybe one day ice blonde, maybe jet black the next. And looking trendy is not prohibited but welcomed. So why not try?

Platinum blonde men's hairstyles with dark beards

bleached blonde and thin beard

ale platinum blonde hair with dark beards

Finally, here are the male looks that will attract any mature woman. Platinum blonde men's hairstyles accompanied with natural color dark beards make a seductive couple, right? These men look manly and brutal, And their following the trends doesn't make them less attractive.

Celebrity men ice blonde hair colors

Adam Levine

Zayn Malik

Justin Bieber

For many guys the story started with just some highlights added to the natural color hair base. Then they went further and ended up going totally bleached blonde. This is true about Justin Bieber and about Ryan Gosling and Adam Levine. Actually celebrities that went ice blonde is beyond calculation this year. The trend is extremely popular among women as well. From the youngest to the older stars we see the bleached blonde hair trend conquering everybody on its way. So will you dare to wear ice blonde hair?

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