7 Smashing Brown Hair Color Shades You Need To Try

The palette of brown hair color shades will surprise you with its diversity and widest choice of tones and highlights. Indeed, if you have ever thought that dark hair is boring and it is the blondes ruling the world, you were damn wrong. This article will prove you that brown hair is extremely nice and popular and for many celebrities it is a signature style. That says a lot about the dark hair shade. Actually, hair colors may tell a lot about owner. Dark haired women are more organized, confident, and tend to build a better career, just because blonde are often associated with high level of femininity and the bad need of protection. So if you are going to start your career, you better change for a color that will sound serious and provide you with the right attitude from surrounding people. Speaking frankly, brown really may seem boring. However, there are several ways to make it vivid and vibrant. Below you will find 7 smashing shades of brown, that are worthy taking a look and adopting.

#1 caramel and cinnamon highlights

dark hair colors with cinnamon highlights

This is perhaps the best way to enlighten and fresh up you look. Nothing can be better than coffee with milk and cinnamon and bit of caramel. This is what you can do with your long tresses. Add highlights of the sweetest coffee complements and look fabulous.

#2 babylights

Miranda Kerr babylights and brown hair colors

This model is famous for her babylights that she usually accompanies with darker brown hair shades. By the way, it looks very natural, as if it is her own baby hair of lighter shade grown out.

#3 light brown hair color shades

soft light brown

Very close to blonde on the ne hand, almost copper on the other hand, the light brown perfectly balances in between much sharper hues. For soft looks, it os a good option.

#4 golden brown hair

shiny golden brown color

Gold is never out of fashion. Neither in jewelry, nor in hair colors. You can always take your brown to new heights, by making it golden.

#5 espresso coffee shade

cinnamon highlights with espresso hair color

Getting back to coffee topic, that is perhaps most relevant fro brown hair color shades, here is the espresso color. It is quite dark, but can be lightened up with the highlights.

#6 solid deep dark brown

Lily Aldridge dark brown hair
Lily Aldridge dark brown hair

The classy image of a lady vamp is dark brown or brunette hair tome, red lipstick and pale white skin for extreme contrast. This is what you may look once you adopt the right shade of brown.

#7 ash brown hair shades

grey brown hair

And here we get to ash brown hair colors. Well, grey and silver have become so popular that brown hair owners also found a way to use that trendy color.


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