Spring Trendiest Caramel Hair Colors You Need to Try

Looking for a new hair inspiration? Still in doubt what color to choose this spring? Well, there are many trendy options for hair color shades 2017, from the ultimate trend of blorange to classy dark hair. However, there is only one thing that you can adopt no matter what base color you have, no matter what length and texture you are wearing now. I am talking about caramel hair colors. The shade itself is extremely sweet, just like the word itself says, ranging from very soft and light tones to dark and vivid colors of melted sugar. If you are a blonde, than you can go for full burnt sugar color. For light brown hair colors, there are many highlighting techniques that will give you the freshest look. At last, solid brunettes can go for full length balayage highlighting with caramel tones to get the sweetest transition. In a word, this is the color that fits anybody. And celebrity hair colors below will prove it once again.

Caramel highlights for blondies

Jennifer Lopez caramel hair colors for spring
Jennifer Lopez

Amber Heard caramel hair colors for spring
Amber Heard

Scarlett Johansson caramel blonde hair colors
Scarlett Johansson

Karlie Kloss caramel blonde hair colors for spring
Karlie Kloss

As you can see yourself, blonde is really an excellent base for caramel hair colors. Of course, you are absolutely free here to use your creativity and go fo multidimensional highlights or for one full color. Celebrities' styles will guide you through your decision. Cause the looks they have are really impressive. Jennifer's balayage is one of the most perfect techniques implemented I have ever seen. Meanwhile Amber's soft transitioning ombre is full of femininity and tenderness.

Caramel hair colors for light brown base

Gigi Hadid caramel hair colors 2017
Gigi Hadid

Rosie Huntington Whiteley caramel hair colors for spring
Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Olivia Wilde caramel hair colors for spring
Olivia Wilde

Miranda Kerr caramel hair colors for spring
Miranda Kerr

Brown hair colors are meant for carrying caramel highlights. Indeed, it is like chocolate with caramel. And depending on the shade of brown, it is like milk chocolate, dark one and all other possible tastes of the delicious cacao sweets. What adores me most of all among the above ideas is the style of Miranda Kerr. Her famous babylights smoothly pass to full length caramel strands and underline her best features.

Celebrity brunettes with caramel highlights

Eva Longoria caramel hair colors for spring
Eva Longoria

Finally, if you are a brunette, be sure that caramel shades will look nothing but fantastic on your hair. It is proved by Alessandra Ambrosio, by Sandra Bullock and by Eva Longoria. Her cute mid length lob hairstyles look fabulous with the sweet highlights starting on the roots.


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