Striking Multi-Colored Braids Hairstyles

Knock out with the brightest colors on your braids!

Braided hairstyles are timeless. We all love them and try to style from time to time. For ladies with long hair some simple plaiting technique ae life saving. n bad hair days or for a sudden party, you can always rely on some cute French braid. For short hair owners, braids can turn into real party festive hairstyles, changing their look completely. However, there is one thing that can make plaits even more impressive - multi-colored braids hairstyles. Yes, colorful hair is trendy. We saw on catwalks and also street style looks and hairstyles form Fashion Week capitals proved that pastel and neon hair colors are supposed to become mainstream in nearest future. So why not start creating smashing combinations today?

Colorful faux locs and box braids

hair extension of various colors

small box braids of bright colors

Before we get to the traditional three-strand braids we know, take a look at faux locs and micro jumbo braids hair. For sure, they are more specific and suitable for black women. In any case, the multi-colored braids hairstyles look nice on everybody.

Cute multi-colored braids hairstyles

colorful unicorn braid

double box braids on bright hair colors

multi-colored French braids

As soon as you make up your mind to get the colorful hair, first of all think of your base color. It is essential. If you love pastel hair, but have dark brown or brunette hair colors, more likely you will be obliged to stick to oil slick hair colors. By the way, they look very impressive, with or without braids. Also do not forget about rainbow hair colors comprised of the brightest shades from yellow to red to violet. No doubt, they create really impressive looks, but you need to be careful not to overuse them.

Pastel color braids

soft color braids

pastel colored hairstyles

cute pastel braids hairstyles

pastel blue and mint green braids

Also if you at a certain moment think that bright colors may look not serious and professional, it means that you haven't found the right braids for them. For funky looks double braids and pigtail braids will look nice. But of you are invited to a wedding or to business lunch with your bosses and partners? Certainly, you do not need to run to hair colorist and become brunette at once. Try cute braided updos for cocktail look, or very strict French braids for more elegant and business style looks.


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