Modern Celebrity Pixie Haircuts You Will Want This Summer

Each summer brings new trends with it. Last year it was the triumph of bob hairstyles combined with platinum blonde hair color. Celebrities one after the other adopted the new trend and converted into a mainstream tendency. However, this time seems it is different. Already now we see a biggest trend coming forward - summer 2017 pixie hairstyles. Yes, women are going shorter each time. The ultimate trend is dictated by the looks we see on celebrities. Not very long time ago we saw Katy Perry go platinum blonde and cutting hair to a nice bob. Then all of a sudden some days later she went for a short pixie haircut with one side absolutely cropped. Wow, we thought. And just a couple of days ago model and actress Cara Delevingne changed her grey blonde bob for a pastel pink pixie haircut. Curious things happening, yet we know the trend.

Going towards summer, here are some f the best pixie cuts yo can adopt for this beach season.

Classy short neat celebrity pixie cuts

Emma Watson pixie haircuts 2017
Emma Watson

Jennifer Lawrence pixie haircuts 2017 summer
Jennifer Lawrence

Carey Mulligan pixie haircuts 2017 summer
Carey Mulligan

For some of us pixie is just an experiment. we cut it and hen ait until it gets longer to our beloved bob or longer. However, it is different for others. Pixie can convert into a lifestyle. This is true about many celebrities. For example, take Carey Mulligan. Various types of short hair is her passion. A pixie overgrown, a short bob, anything that doesn't cross the chin length.

Summer 2017 pixie hairstyles

Zendaya pixie haircuts 2017

Scarlett Johansson new pixie haircut 2017
Scarlett Johansson

Katy Perry new pixie haircut 2017
Katy Perry

Cara Delevingne new pixie haircut 2017
Cara Delevingne

Anne Hathaway pixie haircuts 2017 summer
Anne Hathaway

Here comes the big moment! Recent celebrity short cuts to convert to summer 2017 pixie hairstyles trend. Well, for sure Cara Delevingne new pixie is impressive. But actually, there has been Anne Hathaway with her brunette short hairstyle, there has been Scarlett Johansson with her blonde short pixie. Obviously, the trend has been there for a long time, and only now we realize that is is getting mainstream.

Black women pixie cuts

Janelle Monae pixie haircuts 2017 summer
Janelle Monae

Tyra Banks

As a last point to confirm our guess for the coming trend, here are some short pixie for black women. Janelle Monae has been appearing with quite unique hairstyles everywhere. Remember her double buns with funny faces and other cute hair accessories? However, on Oscar's 2017 her hair was short and with crown like Julius Cesar. This talks for itself. No doubt, the trend is here, and you are absolutely free to follow it.


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