Summer Style: Beach Wavy Hairstyles

Days are getting warmer and why not consider the fascinating looks you can have this summer? Looking awesome all year round is what we all are for, but hottest season is different. Summer hairstyles 2018 are what you need to be on-trend. Well, today we are not going to discuss all possible trends from pixies, to bob cut and all way to model long hairstyles, rather than focus on beach wavy hairstyles. These are the extra popular and super jazzy looks staying in fashion throughout seasons. Beach waves are the slight broken waves that you can create on your own at home. Just having at hand some useful products will convert you into the queen of the beach. And why only beach? There can hardly be any other hairstyle more sensual and attractive.

The good thing about the beach waves is that you can style them on any length (well, almost on any length). Depending on whether you have thick or thin hair, you can find your way to style the best waves. Let's have a look on some inspiring hair ideas to get the desired look.

Long beach wavy hairstyles

Gigi Hadid beach wavy hairstyles
Gigi Hadid

beach waves on long hair 2018
beach waves on long hair 2018

long beach waves hair
long waves

Beach waves on significant hair length can perhaps be named as astounding! However the thing here is not only in styling the waves, soft and tender, but also mind that hair color means a lot. We are talking about summer, so sweet butter, ombre and balayage highlights will be exactly to the point.

Beach waves for bob haircuts

bob hairstyles and beach waves 2018 summer
summer short hair

lazy wavy hairstyles 2018 summer
lazy wavy hairstyles

bob hairstyles beach wavy
bob hairstyles beach wavy

The conquering style of the recent years will look jaw-dropping if you learn to style the beach wavy hairstyles. Bob hair length is unique and yet it fits any style you may think of. Indeed, it will fit an updo or downdo. Bob goes fine with straight and curly hair. Finally, when your bob grows out slightly, it turns into fascinating lob hairstyle.

Short pixie haircuts and beach waves

summer wavy pixie haircuts 2018
summer pixie

pixie beach waves hair
blonde wavy pixie cut

beach waves on pixie Audrey Tautou
Audrey Tautou

Finally, here we get to the shortest haircuts that still can be styled with beach waves. Pixie hairstyles have always been on trend, even though not as widely spread as bobs, but always present in fashion world. This summer you can jazz up you pixie with summer highlights and soft waves.


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