6 Top Trendy Updo Hairstyles to Try in 2017 Spring

Here we are to see the best, the jazziest, the most casual and impressive updo hairstyles 2017 spring! Sure, it is cold outside, but isn't it high time to plan your looks for the sunniest days waiting ahead? I bet it is the very time! And today we will get to know how to have easy updos, that look smashing and are worthy to go to parties and nights out and even official events. Among updos there is a set of styles that always tend to be in fashion. For example, the ponytail. Who can say that there was time when p-tails were gone dark? Nobody! But the most important fact here is that not every type of ponytails is popular this or that season. The same is about braided updos and buns. In a word, there are definitely  things to consider before you get to style your beloved updo hairstyles. And we are here to take you to a short journey to casual and cute ideas for long hair updos!

#1 top knots

top knots hairstyles 2017
Karlie Kloss

Perhaps, the top knot is the most casual and beloved style for ladies with long hair. Last summer they became viral and there is a reason fo that - easy to style, looking fine for any occasion. Obviously, everybody loves them.

#2 braided top knots

braided top knots hairstyles 2017
reverse braid

Meanwhile the knots are trendy beyond any doubt, you can always fond a way to make them look even more jaw-dropping. One option is just to add braids anywhere. Above on the pictures you see reverse braids on the nape. You can also experiment with front plaits.

#3 half up half down knots

half up half down top knots hairstyles 2017
half buns

To show off the length and to take hair away from face to feel more comfortable you can definitely go for half updos. Actually, the half up half down styles won hearts last summer. And I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be popular now too.

#4 bun updo hairstyles 2017 Spring

bun hairstyles 2017
high and low buns

The warmest days may become the start of a new life for you. And you can put that start with bun updo hairstyles 2017 spring will bring you. Go more elegant and refined this time, impressing everybody with your delicate taste.

#5 braided low bun styles

braided low bun hairstyles 2017
braids into buns

Here i a classic example of how styles remain in fashion no matter what. Braids and buns are the combination that will best of all fit casual outfits and cocktails dresses.

#7 bubble ponytails

bubble ponytail hairstyles 2017
cutest bubble pony

Finally, here is a variation of ponytails that you need to practice for the coming spring. Bubble pony looks both nice and unusual, though it is not that difficult to style.


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