Must Have 2017 Fall: Tory Burch Ponytail Hair Velvet Ribbon

The official date hairstyle, the must have hair accessory, the most romantic look for the coming fall and winter season is here right now. Meet Fall 2017 ponytail hair velvet ribbon spotted at Tory Burch FW17 collection in New York and designed by hair guru Guido Palau. On the whole the low ponytail hairstyles are an old story. We have been seeing them now and then on he runways and red carpets. However, now it is all different and it really surpassed all the expectations. As the hair pro says himself he aimed at creating "nonchalant chic" looks. And we can definitely state that he well managed to achieve it. What Guido advices is to wash hair just before creating the style and going out. In this case hair will be light and it will create the necessary atmosphere of romance. Now about the most important part in here - velvet ribbons.

Low ponytail hairstyles 2017 Fall by Guido Palau

Tory Burch low ponytail hair velvet ribbon 2017 Fall
low p-tail

Tory Burch low ponytail with velvet ribbon 2017 Fall
velvet ribbons

Tory Burch ponytail hair velvet ribbon 2017 Fall
Guido Palau low ponytail with ribbon

Guido Palau is one of the most talented and famous backstage hair stylist of our time. We see him on every single Fashion Week working with various designers. Versace hairstyles that represented the casual buns last season, were his creations. In a word, he definitely knows what to do to set a mainstream trend. What is so good about that black velvet ribbon for low ponytails? First of all, let me point ut that the fashion weeks for 2017 Fall/Winter 2018 involved a lot of velvet. However. meanwhile we are waiting for accessories of prestigious designers to start being sold, velvet ribbon is something we can use right now.

Fall 2017 Ponytail Hair Velvet Ribbon at Tory Burch

Tory Burch low ponytail hair ribbon 2017 Fall
lovely low tails

Guido Palau ponytail hair ribbon 2017 Fall
cute pony with black ribbon

Guru Guido mentioned that it was all about very soft and very romantic look. And we can add that it fits the autumn and winter moods a lot. Fall 2017 ponytail hair velvet ribbon is really the must have accessory. It seems to bear some sadness and very delicate beauty. And it is easy to achieve, even if your are not a stylist.

Runway inspired ponytails with black ribbons

Guido Palau Tory Burch low ponytail hair velvet ribbon 2017 Fall
black velvet ribbon

Tory Burch low ponytail hairstyles velvet ribbon 2017 Fall
mid part low pony

Tory Burch low ponytail hairstyles 2017 Fall
velvet ribbons for hair

Finally, the question comes where to fix the low ponytail. It shouldn't be high or low, but you need to place it perfectly on the nape level. This is what the Tory Burch models wore, and this is what will create the right moods.


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