Vibrant Layered Pixie Haircuts 2017

Wearing short haircuts is always nice and also daring. Some decades ago one couldn't even imagine that a woman can chop of her wealth - her hair, and boast a short jazzy cut. Nowadays, thank goodness, we live in different time. And there are zillion of short cuts that one can adopt and wear. Among them you will find the vibrant layered pixie haircuts 2017. They are the common pixie that lived a peak of popularity in 60's. Still, the new modern touches include such thing as highlights and layers. So the pixie cuts that we see today are rally pieces of art. It indeed requires a lot of professionalism from a hairstylist and colorist to reach such a harmony working on this short length.

If you are on the side of short hair lovers, this post is meant for you then. The coming year will bring even more tendencies of short cuts I suppose.

Cute blonde pixie cuts with layers

Jennifer Lawrence short blonde cut

sassy short blonde haircuts

platinum blonde layered pixie

silver blonde pixie with layers

You know, many things depend on the color you chose for your new cut. Actually, for thin hair pros will advice going for fair color. Why? Cause they give more volume. Perhaps this is why, ladies with thin hair prefer blonde hair colors. On the other hand, the platinum blonde colors are so trendy now, that no matter the texture, you are almost obliged to try them once.

Chocolate brown layered pixie haircuts 2017

brown pixie with highlights

milk chocolate color pixie haircuts

The new trends bring new styles. Layered pixie haircuts 2017 will be very light and feathery. Yes, you may find some sassy designs. But you know the Jane Fonda statement sassy cut, is no longer that in fashion. Now the layers are much softer, as if merging into each other. Besides, presently we see the mass trend for messy bed head hairstyles. Obviously, neat and separate layers have nothing to do in here.

Dark brunette short haircuts with layers

black pixie hairstyles

layers on short pixies

Short dark pixie cut is so classic. The style comes from the times when these short haircuts were just coming into fashion. It is like having a short black dress, very modest and also making a statement.

red layered pixie cut

Finally, depending on your preference you can add layers to any color you like from deep cherry red to mint green. The current pastel hair color tendencies will help you decide on that.


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