10 Enchanting Wedding Hair Ideas For Brides-To-Be

Planning your perfect wedding? Yes, it is a responsible work and important step. Marchesa have already launched their Bridal Spring 2018 collection, so there is endless inspiration already at hand. For sure, dress is perhaps the most essential part of the look the bride will have. However, it is the hairstyles that will complete it, underline in the best way possible, or ruin the image, no matter how luxury the dress is. So, ladies, finding out best wedding hairstyles 2018 is the number one task for all brides-to-be now. That is why we have some fresh ideas here for the ones who think out of the bun and seek for unique and modern looks.

#1 jewels in hair

jewels wedding hairstyles 2018
jewel hair accessories

The majority of bridal hairstyles you will see in this article are about hair accessories. Jewels in hair are as old as wedding ceremony itself. However, make sure not to have the Greek goddess intricate hairstyle, instead a casual updo will do.

#2 dreamy stars amidst tresses

jewel star hair accessories 2018
simple updo with stars

Rodarte stars for wedding hairstyles 2018
Rodarte bridal hair accessories

The symbol of dreamers, of romance and endless love, stars will adorn your hair in the best way.

#3 forever pearls

pearls in hair for bridal hairstyles 2018
soft romance with pears in hair

No, these are not pearls of your grandma. Certainly, they do look elegant and classy, however the play of size and shades make them quite modern for a European wedding style.

#4 minimalist golden head pieces

minimalist golden hair accessories for wedding 2018
round wedding hair pieces

We know that wedding should become the most memorable day. However, it doesn't mean that trendy minimalist looks will be out of place. The golden ring for updo or half updo wedding hairstyles 2018 will look more than charming.

#5 twists wedding hairstyles 2018

twisted updo wedding hairstyles 2018
twsited messy updos

The trends for bridal hairstyles for spring 2018 are all about casual and relaxed looks. Messy hairstyles are welcomed for brides. But it is a little twist that will make the look.

#6 trendy black velvet ribbon for bridal hairstyles

black velvet ribbon for wedding hairstyles 2018 Marchesa
Marches black ribbon for bridal hair

Black velvet ribbon and low ponytail hairstyles are haunting us from last couple of seasons. Tory Burch started the tendency that was initially meant for casual and business looks. Now Marchesa latest wedding collection adopted black ribbons and messy low tails to accompany gorgeous white dresses.

#7 buns & braids

braided bun wedding hairstyles 2018
cool buns hair for brides

There still can be a bun. But messed up and with braided strings around it.

#8 casual top knots for bridal hairstyles

top knots wedding hairstyles 2018
celebrity high knots

If you have thought of top knots as of home styles, forget about it. The nicest looks are here to become your bridal hair choice.

#9 rolled up and down

rolled up wedding hairstyles 2018
wedding hair rolls

Extravagant rolls upwards? Or smooth rolls downwards? Both looks will be nice enough for brides-to-be.

#10 classy French twist

Emily Ratajkowsky French twist hairstyles Cannes 2017
Emily Ratajkowsky at Cannes 2017

Finally, every classy thing comes back at a certain moment. Here is the French twist recreated by Emily at Cannes Film Festival this year. It can be a good option for classic style wedding ceremony.


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