10 Winter Hair Colors You Need To Know For 2018

Basically there are two types of people when it comes to winter: the ones who enjoy it, and the ones who would do anything to feel like in summer. No doubt, this reflect in wardrobe choices, in make up, and also in hair solutions. Well, perhaps for hairstyles it doesn't make up too much difference if you are not the one to follow the latest hair trends. But for color it does make huge difference. To get warm in colder days you can go for dark colors. This is basically what all of us do. Warm cognac, hot chocolate, coffee and caramel winter hair colors 2018 will do the job to make you feel comfy.

However, what about blonde and extreme ice and silver shades? This is already about the other half of ladies that love to feel like in summer, with the same sunkissed hair colors, surfer highlights and sunbathed skin.

#1 natural jet black hair

Diane Guerrero natural black hair colors 2018 winter
Diane Guerrero

If you are born with magic solid black hair, the please do not dare to change the shade! It will look miraculous both in winter and in summer.

#2 hot chocolate brunette hair

Joan Smalls chocolate brown hair colors for winter 2018
Joan Smalls

For ladies with brown hair, going slightly darker will be a nice option in colder weather. Coffee with cinnamon - here is the winter hair colors 2018 main concept.

#3 dark brown ombre color

brunette ombre hair colors for winter 2018
ombre strands on dark hair

After summer time most of us will have lighter burnt ends, or blonde highlights. Shift to warmer ones for winter time.

#4 copper hair colors

Emma Stone light copper hair colors 2018 winter
Emma Stone

Flame color will be perhaps the best choice to warm up. However, be  careful with choosing the right tone for your skin.

#5 winter hair colors 2018 - cognac shades

winter cognac hair colors 2018
whisky or cognac?

It is cold outside, but you sit by the fireplace, wrapped in a blanket, and with a glass of warming cognac. What a nice view! It can be nicer if you ear that warm cognac hair color.

#6 rose blonde hair colors

Poppy Delevinge rose gold hair colors 2018 winter
Poppy Delevinge

A last breath of careless summer reflected in flirty rose hair color.

#7 surfer ombre blonde

Emilia Clarke

The real wave of summer brought in by surfer highlights on blonde hair. I really like them, and would wear any time.

#8 matte blonde hair colors

Lindsey Wixson ash blonde hair colors 2018 winter
Lindsey Wixson

Sunkissed, shiny blonde can be replaced by smooth matte nude blonde for autumn and winter season.

#9 blonde and silver mix for winter hair

Cara Delevingne silver blonde hair colors for winter 2018
Cara Delevingne

Looking for an ideal blonde? Here us the silver blend with blonde. Indeed, the perfect winter hair color.

#10 pure silver winter hair colors

silver hair colors for winter 2018
silky silver

Finally, the solid silky silver will be to the point among snow and ice.


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