Impressive Long Box Braids Hairstyles

For the ladies that doubt what look to choose for their next visit to the hairstyles, here are some nicest ideas on long box braids hairstyles. Braids are not only the most popular protective hairstyles of our times, but they also have some other benefits. First of all, they last long. Well, creating box braids is difficult, there is no doubt about it. But once you have them, you can do whatever you want. Because box braids, especially micro ones, will give you a possibility to style any hair design you love. From simple ponytails  and loose hairstyle, to exquisite updo hairstyles that are difficult to style even on relaxed hair. In any case, with all the advantages be ready for hair care too. As with long hair, with long braids you will need time and your efforts to keep them always neat, tidy and healthy. Washing twice a week, every day application of oil on roots will become part of your life. Instead, you will get the look of your dreams.

Extra long black box braids

amazing long braids

Solange long jumbo braids

black women long box braids

Above being trendy, the long box braids hairstyles are very authentic and rooty. When you look at a black woman wearing such long protective locs, the first thing that comes to mind is that she is quite traditional and proud of her antecedents and history. Well, just bear in mind that with such plaits you will always attract attention not only for looking beautiful, but also for looking real.

Long box braids hairstyles with highlights

colorful long braids

The good thing about model long locs is that they look amazing on your inborn black color. However, there is always a chance to get some more form daily casual looks. One of the way to achieve it is to use colorful extensions. Here the variants also are numerous, Either go for highlights, ombre or all length, o choose one solid color distinct from your own.

Cool long protective braids for black women

long Senegalese twists

long box braids for long women

extra long micro braids

Besides, long box braids hairstyles really perfectly carry out the protective function they have. It is winter outside, and the dizzy hair requires much care nowadays. And there is nothing better than creating locs to protect natural hair and let it gro until the spring-summer season comes.


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