Fresh Cool Ideas On Blonde Pixie Haircuts

Are you ready to get the look of your life? I think you are not! Cause this combo is for the most daring ones. Actually, when we consider pixie cuts, we all know they are the styles that determine independent and self confident women. Indeed, when you cut your hair this much short, you want to make a statement. In our times, there is very little time left for working women to spend on hair styling and taking care of long tresses. The solution to go shorter is not only convenient, but it also looks fantastic. Now imagine that you go drastically blonde. Yes, it may be hard to consider such an option. But we know that blonde hairstyles, especially platinum and bleached blonde shades, are on the height of fame right now. Celebrities and common people simply fell in love with various shades of bright blonde. So wearing trendy blonde pixie haircuts will look extravagant, yet it will underline your individuality.

Silver blonde pixie hairstyles

extra short blonde pixie hairstyles
very short silver hair

silver blonde pixie haircuts
headband for short pixie

For some period now we witness how silver hair trends have spread across the world. If before silver was considered the natural tone fro older women, nowadays it is all the way different. Silver is now a combination of grey and metallic and blonde. On short hair it looks quite fine.

Bleached blonde pixie haircuts

ice blonde pixie haircuts
ice blonde pixie

bleached blonde pixie haircuts
bleached short cut

Seems, that the winning hair color of last summer continues to be on-trend. Actually, platinum hair colors are very cool for summer time. Even though we consider sunkissed blonde sones to be appropriate for sun and sea, but I have to admit that cool and cold shades create beautiful contrast.

Street style platinum pixie cuts

street style blonde pixie cuts
messy pixie

platinum blonde pixie haircuts
asymmetric short haircut

Eventually, get some more inspiration from streets. Well, the trendseekers and fashionistas always know the best ways to look in accordance with ultimate tendencies. So if you happen to see short blonde pixie haircuts in streets, it should mean something.

Celebrity blonde pixie hair ideas

Katy Perry new blonde pixie haircuts 2017
Katy Perry

Rita Ora blonde pixie hairucts
Rita Ora

Agyness Deyn blonde pixie hairstyles
Agyness Deyn

At the beginning of the year Katy Perry changed her look completely by going blonde and obtaining bob haircut. This was her way to struggle against break up with Orlando Bloom. Just a few days ago, we witnessed another makeover of this artist - short rooty blonde pixie cut. It is nice and we absolutely love it!


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